Hope the day has started off great everyone. Been awhile since I've been on here but thought you were the group that could help me. I am interested in purchasing a model 512 for my Mossberg 835 for turkey hunting. Finished my Grand Slam this past Spring and I'm still pumped about that. lol! I know some people say that there is no need for a scope on a turkey gun but I've been using a Nikon for several years and it's worked just fine for me (just have an itch to try a new toy). Anyway, my question has to do with rain (as it always tends to do in the Spring during hunting season). I understand that the unit itself is 100% waterproof but I'm worried about water droplets on the glass blurring my sight picture. Scope covers would be the obvious answer but the only ones that I see available are from GG&G and the installation of those require you to remove the protective hood and Eotech says that doing this voids the warranty. What option does a person have to solve this? Are there covers that I am not aware of besides using a Scopecoat? I have an Aimpoint Comp ML2 on my Bushmaster but thought I would give Eotech a try. Thanks for your time!