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This is a discussion on A Rifle in Every Pot within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; There are worse things they could mandate eh? To be honest, I'd rather live in a place that mandates gun ownership, rather than one that ...

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Thread: A Rifle in Every Pot

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    There are worse things they could mandate eh? To be honest, I'd rather live in a place that mandates gun ownership, rather than one that tries to remove guns (like say...Chicago and NYC). Kennesaw, GA has had their mandatory law on the books since 1982 as the article says, and they haven't enforced it, but crime rates dropped sharply after it was enacted, and still remain lower than the surrounding suburbs of Atlanta.

    It's already been proven that gun owning, law abiding citizenship leads to less crime.

    Just because they pass a law mandating it, doesn't mean they have to enforce it. If it's a well known law on the books for said town, it works in their favor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo_Four View Post
    While I find the notion of mandatory gun ownership to be ridiculous there's something going on in this thread that just eats me alive.

    You do NOT have the right to not own a gun. While owning a firearm is not compulsory in most places, that doesn't make it a right. The fact that I think it is asinine to tell someone they must own a gun, that doesn't make it a right. Our legal rights are well laid out. The Constitution does not once say that you have the right to not own a gun. You do not have that right at common law. We do not have an amendment that states you do not have to own a gun. We do have something saying that anything not covered by the Constitution is reserved for the states. Thus it is not violating any right to say you must own a firearm.

    I go on this tangent when people talk about nonexistent rights whether I agree with their premise or not. We don't have the right to do any darned thing we please. Rights are actually pretty limited.

    I have the right to remain silent....but according to my old lady, not the ability.
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    I think the point of the article was to examine if an entire town was legally armed, would that deter crime?

    As to the government forcing me to own a gun - IDK.
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    Worth noting in this thread that Vermont is looking at creating a fine for not owning a firearm. $500 to be included in the registry of people that do not own a firearm seems funny, until you understand that this will give the government a list of people not to visit if/when they decide to start grabbing guns.

    I wouldn't say this violates any right since it falls right in line with the 10th Amendment. It isn't detailed in the Constitution whether or not one must own a gun so it is left to the states. In this case the state appears to be stepping to the plate to regulate that which the Constitution leaves to them.
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    As David Kopel noted in a 2001 article in The Arizona Law Review, burglars report that they try to avoid homes where armed residents are likely to be present.
    Two thoughts came to me when I read this sentence. The first was "Duh."

    The second was, "Try to avoid,"? Are they sometimes forced to rob homes where they know armed residents are likely to be present?
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    In Texas it's not a requirement or law that everyone have and keep firearms.

    It's just part of the Culture and Tradition of this State.

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    While I don't care for the thought of "requiring" firearm ownership, I do like the idea of encouraging communities to embrace it.

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