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Anyone else damaged their hearing from firing one shot?

This is a discussion on Anyone else damaged their hearing from firing one shot? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Not to bring up a dead topic but I think this may be beneficial. With my hearing loss I always shoot with plugs or I ...

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Thread: Anyone else damaged their hearing from firing one shot?

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    Not to bring up a dead topic but I think this may be beneficial. With my hearing loss I always shoot with plugs or I get rung (usually goes away in 5 minutes). The few times I've shot unplugged the entire time I'm thinking "Oh crap this is gonna be loud and I'm gonna ring" and I'm wondering if you were thinking about it and the state of mind affects your auditory exclusion. According to this site a 308 and 45 are about the same loudness. Not sure if sound is measure at end of barrel or on shooters ears though. - Gunfire Noise Levels

    308 in 26 inch barrel 156.2 db
    45 ACP 157 db
    9MM 159.8

    We have already discussed being able to tell the difference between 9MM and 45 which is 3 db difference but I doubt you could tell .8 db difference.

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    You might be able to tell, though it is already so loud that your hearing is probably overloaded to where you won't it is all just painfully loud. 0.8dB would be about 20% louder and 3dB is about twice as loud. This is the forumula: 10^(xdB / 10), where xdB is the measurement in question. Calculating dB is always with respect to a reference level, but for differences between two levels (but gain / attenuation) this works.
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    Yep! My hearing loss began with one shot from a Ruger Blackhawk in 30 Carbine - from the inside of a VW Beetle. Then, followed by 40 years of F-111 and F-16 green engine runs with "protection". Gone baby gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ford View Post
    Back in July I fired ONE shot out of my 4" 1911, a plain old Winchester White Box target round, and my right ear is still ringing 5 months later. I plan to go to the doctor for my regular check up early next year, and ask him to refer me to an ear doctor to see if anything can be done.

    I have no excuse for neglecting the hearing protection. I had a horse that needed put down, and gunshot is the only practical method on a ranch in Colorado. If a vet does the lethal injection, you have to bury them 6' down, which means an 8-9' hole, to prevent birds of prey from eating them (not to mention bears, coyotes, etc). The ground is way too rocky for such a hole. So even the vets out here practice gunshot euthanasia. So I was taking the horse out to a secluded spot, and about half way there realized I hadn't brought any earplugs. So I decided one shot wouldn't be that bad. As soon as I fired I knew I was wrong, I think the noise bounced off the horses skull and right back in my right ear.

    For what its worth, it was extremely humane for the horse. I was there when my first horse was put down (injection) when I was 15, and having put one down with a gunshot I believe it to be just as humane, if not more so. The horse never knew what hit it and was dead before it hit the ground. But now I carry a pair of earplugs with me pretty much always, in case I'm caught in a church service where they're playing music too loud, or if I'm out in the back country and need to put something down.
    Hey OP wondering how that ear is doing. Coming up on your one year anniversary.

    I had a .357 ND in an enclosed space in mid-March without hearing protection and I've had about 10.5 kHz beat freq in my left ear that sounds like cicadas and about a 7 kHz square wave in my right. A specialist put me on predinsone for two weeks and gave me a "Sorry but that sucks" pep talk. I was in a funk for about 10 days but I pulled out of it and the T is only a minor annoyance now. Funny thing is my attitude increased 100% when I finally gave up hope for the T to go away and decided to move on. Also for about five weeks after the ND the entire world sounded like a blown speaker, and I had some hyperacousis.

    Fortunately my hearing continues to recover but me thinks the T is permanent. I hope you beat the odds and your T has gone away....
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    I use decent plugs, but I can see the advantage of investing in a modest pair of Electronic Ear Muffs

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    Bought a handgun when I was 21 and shot it once without hearing protection, went and got some, I had shot long guns w/o for some time and didn't start wearing hearing protection while shooting them till my mid or late 20's. The worst ringing Iv'e had was when I was woodchuck hunting with a 257 Roberts, I shot a chuck and went to check it, found it in the hole still alive so I put the barrel down the hole to finish it off, (forgetting I had pulled my earplugs out on the way over), well let me tell you it was loud my ears rang and I could not hear for probably 20 minutes, I was fortunate that I did not lose my hearing. Then you have the idiots that think it's funny to set off a quarter stick of dynamite at a picnic with no warning

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    ...radically Norma 158gr JHP from a snub-nosed Model 19 changed my life...fired inside a squad car...couldn't hear normal conversation for about 3 days...

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    Sorry, what did you say? Well I wasn't afforded the opportunity to wear hearing protection, nor would have, during my combat tours in Vietnam. I do get a very small tax offset on a portion of my retirement check that amounts to less than $250 per year in federal taxe savings.Do I presently wear hearing protection while shooting? Yes, I use Pro Tec 300 Police electronic earmuffs to protect what little hearing I have remaining.

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    Had a fella years ago fire off his 338 Win Mag next to me while I was talkin to someone....he didn't know I wasn't wearing hearing protection as we were at a woods range at a hunting lodge.......lost my hearing in my right ear for 3 days......eventually it returned.

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    Sorry, I can't remember just shooting one shoot. Maybe 30 years ago when I hunted a lot. Now I use the best protection I can find so as to not loose what I have left. Just ordered new hearing aids yesterday so I am aware of what I have been loosing.

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    What did you say?
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    Fired a shot from my .45 without hearing protection. I think it did some damage to my left ear, but I also used to listen to some loud music, so who knows?
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    I probably have some hearing loss. More than likely from hunting when I was a kid. That and running small engines for years with no hearing protection.
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