As a lot have stated there is no right answer. If you are not on the register when being robbed take cover with a view and call 911. Its only money not yours so let them have at it. Its not worth it, you dont want to be in a shootout. If you pull and shoot you may get one or they may get you, and just think if you do shoot you may have just killed a innocent child. There is just so much to go wrong and not much to go right. It is a whole nother world when you a shooting in such a stressful situation. We all like to think we are gonna hit the target quick and accurately because wetrain for it in a controlled environment but it just doesnt work that way in the real world. Heres my scenario, I tried every way to stay out of their line of fire, retreated as far as i can, have nowhere else to go, and its me or him/them the my firearm leaves the holster and i pray i go home when its over.