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With which firearm were you introduced to the joys of shooting?

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Thread: With which firearm were you introduced to the joys of shooting?

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    Ithaca 12 ga. SxS. Dad's help was there but I still ended up with a slighty bloody nose.
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    Well my first shooting experience was with a Daisy BB gun. Powder fired guns would have been a bolt action single shot .22 in the YMCA Indian Guide program, back in the 50's.
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    Great question. Really takes me back...

    After the BB guns I had, the first real firearm I became familiar with was my buddy's muzzleloader which his dad gave him as a kit. We shot that thing endlessly, never really tiring of the procedure. After that, he got a Ruger 10/22 or a TC Contender. Can't remember which came first but I think it was the TC. It was back in the 80's anyway, my memory's fuzzy on the specific order of things. Anyway, my friend kept me interested in firearms since my family wasn't into them (not anti, just busy with other things). Later, I got my own 10/22. After that, they just kept coming in rather rapid succession.

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    I don't remember the exact date/age, but I went from a bb/pellet to a bolt action .22 over 6 decades ago.
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    My first fun day with guns was in 1998. When my brother in law brung his guns out to play. A berreta 9mm ruger mini14 colt 38 12 ga shotgun ruger sinle action 357 and a 45/70 single shot rifle. A fun day indeed alot of lead went down range that day. And Ive been hooked ever since.

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    Dad made me shoot a single shot bolt action Winchester .22 until I could prove myself to him safe to carry ( by 10 or 11) my semi auto Remington 550-1 that my old Uncle gave me when I was 5 months old. Started shotguns with a Stevens M 94 in 20 ga until I could prove myself and pump a Remington Pump. First pistol I remember shooting was an H&R top break .22 with what in my memories was a 10" barrel. This one had been traded off before I left home, but it was my first. Look what this exposure has wrought. We lived on a farm and could be in the woods on the creek in minutes, and we did!

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    M1 Garand at ROTC Summer Camp in '63. Came from a home with no firearms, no hunting so other than plinking a friends 22 a couple of times this was my intro. Did well, they said it was probably because I had no bad habits for them to break.
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    My first firearm experience was in the Boy Scouts. Just a simple single shot bolt .22 and then a few different types of 20 gauge shotguns. My Dad had stopped hunting by the time I was born because he had no time to do it, but after I took interest in target and skeet shooting we went out occasionally. My first handgun experience was with his single action .22 revolver.

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    The actual joy of shooting? M16A1 then i became the unit armorer and got to fire everything we had. Fired shotguns when I was young but without proper guidance (just shoot it you'll be fine) it wasnt a joyful experience

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    Started with BB guns until I was a teen. Then graduated to Browning A5 20 gauge and eventually to 12 gauges. Lots of great memories shooting clays on Saturday mornings with dad.

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    The first gun I fired was a Remington Sportsman 48 12 gauge. I recently inherited it when my dad passed. The one that really set me on down this path tho was a Remington 510 target master I shot at Scout camp. Up until recently I still had my first 22 rifle, A Marlin 60 that I paid $29.99 for at K mart in 1975. I recently gave it to one of my adult sons.

    Here it is after a squirrel hunt a few years back.

    And after I cleaned it up and replaced the stock.

    Not a bad look for the old girl! I'm working on cutting down another old model 60 for my grand daughter. 16" barrel, 10 shot magazine, and a proper sized stock for small sized girl! I'm trying to cut weight off the front of the gun. DR

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    In the mid 40s, my brother got a cheap .22 bolt action rifle with a peep sight and I learned about shooting from that. I suspect it was a J.C. Higgins, because my dad bought me a J.C. Higgins revolver later when I graduated from grammar school. I've been shooting ever since.

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    Marlin model 60 when i was a kid then gave guns up for most of my life.

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    Remington Target Master 510P single shot bolt action 22lr.

    Llama ? 32 pistol.
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    For me it was a Colt Woodsman.

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