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With which firearm were you introduced to the joys of shooting?

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Thread: With which firearm were you introduced to the joys of shooting?

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    I wish I had someone in my life who would have taken the time to teach me about firearms when I was growing up.

    I ended up having to wait until I was 40 to learn about the joys of shooting when I bought my Beretta 92A1 and went to the range.

    I've got 40 years of catching up to do but I'm loving every minute of it.
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    First gun I ever shot was a Remington 12A .22 pump rifle shooting .22 short shells. It was the only gun I shot till my hands got big enough to shoot my Dad's .22 Colt Police Postive double action revolver. We shot a lot of .22 shorts in that one too.

    I must have fired over a thousand rounds of .22 before I was allowed to shoot anything heavier.

    Eventually I was allowed to shoot his Colt .38 SP, the Colt Single Action peacemaker, the war surplus 1911, the Colt Super .38 1911, and a bunch of others including his Ruger Super BlackHawk .44 Magnum (came in a felt lined walnut box, had the squared off trigger guard. I think it was one of the first made. He had lots of rifles, and eventually bought a Winchester Model 52 Sporter in .22 LR, but he kept the Remington pump. He sold them while I was living in California and I didn't get a chance to buy any of them from him.

    But I remember that Remington pump with considerable fondness. Lot of good times with my Dad and that rifle.

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    Remington .22 pump, octagonal barrel, concealed hammer. It's old, been in the family about 90 years. I was on the rifle team in college, and this museum piece would come close to matching the accuracy of a Savage Anschutz...

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    12 guage double barrel shotgun. About 10 years old.
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    Re: With which firearm were you introduced to the joys of shooting?

    An OLD savage / Stevens single shot .22. Belonged to my grandpa when I shot it and his dad before him. I'm nearly 28 now and I still remember it like it was yesterday, my papaws been gone almost 13 years now but the gun still sits safely in my cabinet, waiting its turn to teach my own boy how to shoot.

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    J C Higgins single shot 1951

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    .22LR single-shot bolt-action rifle at YMCA boy's summer camp.

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    I believe it was my Roy Rogers cap revolver.....
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    Put another mark in the column for Boy Scout summer camp. Some .22 rifle, I have no idea what it was now, but at the time it was one of the coolest experiences of my short life.
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    BB/Pellet gun - bought with money I earned....I guess I was maybe 9-11 or so? Hard to say exactly. It was a Powerline 990 - looked like it had a magazine sticking down but it was the CO2 charging dealio. It could switch between being a pump and CO2. I don't think they make them anymore. I ordered it from the Bass Pro Shops Catalog, and I remember filling out the form on paper and then giving the cash to my folks so they could write down their credit card info.

    First real gun shooting - I think it was a Ruger Mk 2, some sort of .38 revolver, and a 20 gauge Ruger over/under. We plinked for a bit, then shot a 2x2 stake at close range with the 20 gauge and it just disappeared. I might have been 12-14. Again - I didn't write these things down.

    I may get a BB gun for my kids in the spring - or I might wait another year. Time will tell.


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    Well the first gun I ever fired was a .45acp/auto-rim S&W revolver when I was about 6-8 years old I think. Actually, I only got to pull the trigger as my dad would not let me hold the gun by myself. I still have that gun. First rifle was a .22 Remington bolt action and my first gun that I owned or shot was a .410 single barrel H&R. However I can begin to count the number of BBs I put though my Daisy lever gun and Marksman pistol when I was a kid. I think I must have shot them everyday. I got to where I could regularly take out dragonflies that landed near the little pond in the woods behind the house.

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    I didnt even get into shooting until someone offered me their gun. It was a Ruger p89. Now its a year later and I'm really into shooting. I'll probably use it to trade towards my first shotgun. But it was good for my first gun
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    22 Single shot rifle. Don't even know what kind but it sure was fun.

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    Re: With which firearm were you introduced to the joys of shooting?

    Glenfield Model 60 22lr.

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    It was my dads 12 gauge semi auto browning. had to be ? 1964 or so? in a gravel pit on Vancouver Island. (off the west coast of Canada) we shot clay pigeons. Man that was fun! wasn't long after that that we went duck hunting. Talk about magic to a kid!

    That shot gun sure had a kick! LOL I think I was about 12 yr's old at the time.

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