What is the reasoning for having a gun that has never been fired and will never be ?

This is a discussion on What is the reasoning for having a gun that has never been fired and will never be ? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; She has actually considered getting her own gun and would be a newbie to it all as she never shot his. She's asked me for ...

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Thread: What is the reasoning for having a gun that has never been fired and will never be ?

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    What is the reasoning for having a gun that has never been fired and will never be ?

    She has actually considered getting her own gun and would be a newbie to it all as she never shot his. She's asked me for some advice recently and I'm trying to help her the best I can. I've also encouraged her to come to the range with me. I hate the thought of taking their only firearm and disarming them in case of an emergency, but if she won't shoot his and he's sliding down that slope it may be better to replace it with something she's comfortable with.

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    You will have to ask the individuals about their resoning, because other than "as an investment" I can't think of any other reason. If it is for home defense as you say, they NEED to test fire it, and practice with it. Period.
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    I only have 1, a Colt Python in bright nickel. I probably would have shot it once but I have one in blue that I shot once in a while.
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    Unless its a collector's piece, there's no reason to buy a gun and not use it. Like others have said, if there comes a time when they need to use it, they aren't going to be proficient with it and therefore, its going to be useless. I also agree that it sounds like they bought it as if its a talisman or perhaps they bought it for the novelty of it. Maybe they just like the "idea" of having a gun, etc.

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    the folks the OP mentions seem to feel that simply owning/having a firearm will magically shield them from violence. earlier respondents have used the word, "talisman" which is what these people have bought themselves.

    if the SHTF, showing this magical piece will somehow protect them from harm. AND IT MIGHT. after all, first gunfighting rule: have a gun. but if just brandishing the weapon isn't successful, then these folks are in deep do-do. let's hope their gun is loaded, and they don't shoot themselves or someone they wish to protect because of their ignorance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotorCityGun View Post
    Funny thing, I actually thought about this story while reading about the OP's subjects....... It did work for him.

    WAY back in the early eighties while spending a summer with my grandparents, my grandmother visited one her friends on a Sunday afternoon. Some birds were kicking up a fuss over a snake trying to get under her house. Ms. Glynn (Mea-Maws friend) came out with an old .38 and told me to kill that snake. That gun was older than my parents I knew..... so were the rounds. I took care of the snake with that old snubbie but only after a few duds didn't fire. That lil gun scared me and wanted to get her some 'fresh' rounds for it. She said no, that those bullets were just fine and if she needed to she'd just keep pulling the trigger til it worked.
    That was actually my first encounter with someone like that. I Loved Ms. Glynn, a school teacher during WW II who lived in a house with running 'well water' to her kitchen..... and that's it. She was in her late 70's-early 80's back then and didn't feel the need to 'update' her 'house gun'. I'm certin I was the last person to shoot that gun..... and the first person to actually fire it in a L-O-N-G time.

    Some people are just like that I guess........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan6406 View Post
    My brother and a friend both have gun they bought new and have never fired them and don't intend to. They say they are just for home protection. I don't see the logic behind this I would never buy a car without a test drive and as soon as I get a new gun its range time to see how it fires. They are not what I would call collectables. Does anyone else do this ?
    i have plenty of un fired guns in my safe....investing for the long term

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotorCityGun View Post
    There are fifteen or twenty stories like this on this forum, two or three in a normal year. Some person had a gun that they'd had for decades, never fired it, picked it up and used it successfully to repulse a home invader. There was one within the last few months about an old woman who had the gun her late husband had left her in her night stand drawer. She'd never fired it but she picked it up and used it successfully.

    That doesn't make it the right thing to do, but quite frankly, it happens over and over again.

    The young mother with the new baby who shot the guy with the shotgun that broke into her mobil home a year or so ago. She had sold her late husbands guns because she needed the money to pay for his funeral. All she had left was an old revolver and an old double barrel 12 gage. She suspended the revolver from her index finger on the forearm while she held the shotgun pointed at the door just in case the shotgun wouldn't go off. It did. She didn't miss. He didn't live.

    We don't read about the times people pick up the gun they've never fired, found it empty, and suffered the consequences. We don't read about the times they can't find it and suffer the consequences. But if the thing is loaded, it looks like it shouldn't be discounted, at least for home defense.

    I don't recommend that as the way to do things. Much better to practice and be familiar with the gun. Much better. But I wouldn't be so quick to say the gun is worthless. Especially if it is a loaded revolver within easy reach when it's needed.

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    If they are for home protection, who says they will never be fired?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan6406 View Post
    My brother and a friend both have gun they bought new and have never fired them and don't intend to. They say they are just for home protection.
    This is the definition of faith.

    I hope it is not unjustified faith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darrow75 View Post
    Yeah...this doesn't make any sense. How do depend on something for home defense that you haven't proven is reliable or haven't proven to yourself that you can use adequately? Sounds like the old "talisman" syndrome to me.
    Yep. I hope neither one of them ever finds himself in a situation where he needs to use his weapon.

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    Some folks just like to buy a gun they fancy and keep it nice by never firing it. Makes them feel good inside knowing they have a mint/pristine model of something they like...I guess people can do what they like with their disposable income. It's sort of weird though in that the gun was probably test fired at the factory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    I have only one gun that is new and has never been fired, a Colt Centennial 1911. I bought it mainly for any collector value it may have later on. Everything else has been bought as shooters; I do get some funny looks when I take a Mauser Broomhandle or the Luger to the range.
    I have a new, never fired Winchester Centennial '66 rifle (actually a Model 94) that my Dad gave me for my 10th birthday. It's a beautiful rifle with a deeply blued, heavy octagon barrel, gold plated receiver and select walnut stock.

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