Scientific study about evil Semi-autos and hi capacity magazines

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  • Yes-they have a mind of their own and tried to cause mischief all by themselves.

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Thread: Scientific study about evil Semi-autos and hi capacity magazines

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    I have to keep those "rascals" locked up, don't know what they would go do on their own if they were to get out.

    My brother was concerned about "carrying" ..... his comment was " what it if went off " ........ of course my comment was that I'ld never seen a gun go off by itself.

    We were at our farm, and I had stopped working to eat and take a break .... and I layed the gun on the picnic table..... he kept walking back and forth for various reasons. Finally, he asked "what are you doing" ..... because when he would walk by I would be staring intentionally at the gun ..... and I told him, "seeing if it will go off by itself" . He got the point.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CanuckQue View Post
    Mine whines if I don't take it for walks often enough.
    But it holds no truck to the ice cream in my freezer. "Eaaaaat meeeee! EAAAAAAT MEEEEEE!" it is constantly moaning.
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    I keep all those god awful high capacity magazines locked up, if not they might do some terrible things on their own.

    Heck, some of those old cheap P-Mags that i paid $16.00 for are now worth a small fortune, thanks to Obama.
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    I don't have an evil black rifle, it is desert cammo, it's a mellow pussycat.
    It just lays around sleeping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigStick View Post
    I had to vote towards the mischief. They keep trying to procreate, and I think that falls into the mischief category.

    Well, maybe that's not fair of me to answer. The question was acting out on their own. I may have encouraged the behavior.
    If only my Pmags could procreate. I could finally pay my mortgage, and the rest of my bills.
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