In a nutshell just my opinion

In a nutshell just my opinion

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Thread: In a nutshell just my opinion

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    In a nutshell just my opinion

    In a nutshell
    We live in a society in the United States that allows very large numbers of people to be killed every day. and these are deaths that are mostly all preventable. but because the majority of the society in this country want these (privileges) so many people are dying every day. we allow. alcohol and there are more alcohol related deaths a year then you can imagine. Allowing car manufacturers to build cars that will do 130 miles an hour. and I think our government and state allows automobiles to speed on the roads people just get a small penalty and a fine that most people can afford. why do they do this because it generates so much money and revenue to the state yes it is dirty pool it is a huge moneymaking proposition for the state and lawyers and judges. and we all know most all people speed. in fact most parents even speed in their car with children not only putting children's lives in danger but it teaches them also that speeding is acceptable you just have to pay a small fine if you get caught then you can continue on doing what you're doing. if they truly wanted to stop speeding all they would have to do is make the penalties so severe nobody would even think about doing it and and so many lives would be saved . And now in one of the states they are now allowing marijuana and the government said they will go along with this in that state. so now we have another mind altering drug for people to take and have car accidents killing more people. And all these things I have talked about above are only ((privileges)) not you're right. but yet a small group of people want to take our rights away in this country. how is this possible because they are organized and they stick together and they have the news media brainwashing all the people in this country who are undecided about our second amendment . I could never figure out why the national rifle Association and gun rights of America would not come together and purchase prime time TV even a 15 minute segment not on the outdoor Channel on TV channels everybody watches giving the public true facts about how many peoples lives are being saved by people with a legal gun
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    Behind it all is the freedom of choice, whether a wise choice or not.
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    That was a big old' nutshell.
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