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Wal-Mart has always done good by me when it comes to competitive prices on ammo. With all the gun ban talk lately, I was very surprised to walk into my local Wal-Mart and come across two of these. $164ea, so I decided to walk with both.

Ammo can, stripper clips, 62grain XM855

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WOW! I've never seen an ammo can full of ammo at Wal-Mart before!
I've never seen them at the two near me. One sells both firearms & ammo but the other only ammo. I live in the middle of them both about. One is 10-miles North and the other is about 12-miles South.

$165.00 minus $15.00 for the can = $150. for the boo lits = $.357 < wow 357 as in magnum LOL > a round

I will differently be on the lookout!