As some of you know, I just bought a Glock 23. I have a few questions from what I've read.

  1. Brass bulging because it's not fully supported: Is this still true of a 3rd Generation Glock? (I believe it's third generation, looks quite a bit like one.
  2. I've ordered this ammo for practice. I'm thinking since it's FMJ, I don't have to worry about all the "Lead issues" with the rifling. Is that correct? I just have to clean it like a normal handgun after use.
  3. Associated with 1. I've read all around, and even on this forum about reloads for Glocks, and how they are or are not a good idea. So if can just get a straight answer here: If I use a reload with FMJ bullets, and I make sure the brass isn't bulged, and I use the same grain count, etc. etc. as the above independence rounds, I should have nothing to worry about, right?
  4. How much would it cost to buy all the equipment plus a second die for a 9mm? What exactly is necessary to buy?
  5. I've read about interchangeable barrels. Does that mean I can change caliber as well? Besides that (if it's true), what other advantages are there of interchangeable barrels besides replacing one if it gets worn or ruined somehow?

I won't ever reload something until I'm comfortable knowing all the ins and outs, but I have to start somewhere, and figure these questions are a good enough place to start.