Seeking insight!

Seeking insight!

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Thread: Seeking insight!

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    Seeking insight!

    New to the forum here! Just posted in the "get to know you" section of the forum.

    So I have been doing a lot of research and I have decided that I want to carry a Walther PPS 9mm and my wife wants the Taurus 709 "Slim" also in 9mm. I have read so many posts and discussions on both of these handguns and after going to my local dealer here and holding the PPS it felt perfect in my hand. I am not a guy with large hands and I found a Glock 26 to be too fat, the same with the XD-SC. My wife felt that in her hand the 709 was also the best feel for her.

    Now here comes my problem. I have contacted several dealers here in Miami and NO ONE, I literally mean, NO ONE has any of these firearms in stock and NONE OF THEM know when they are getting more. A coworker here of mine is also a dealer ( and he has none available either. I have tried looking on buds, gunbroker and various other sites with the same results....

    Has anyone had this same experience with buying a new firearm? And can anyone point me in the right direction for finding one of these?

    Happy New Year!


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    Ask many M&P Shield owners (as well as those still waiting for one) what it feels like to have to wait. I waited 2 months for mine, some guys are at 6+ months and some luck out and just walk out with one. You have three options: perseverance, patience, or alternatives. Call around, sometimes you can nab one, but it's hard to pin anything down these days. Many dealers aren't even taking orders since they have no idea if they'll be filled.

    I know the feeling when you finally settle on what you want and then can't find it. At least the hard part, deciding, is done. Now begins the hunt. :)

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    Everything is getting hard to find....I can't even order a new recoil spring for my Glock without it being on backorder until mid January. Not to mention all of the high cap mags I've got on backorder.
    I don't always carry two concealed S&W 500's.........JUST KIDDING!

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