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I think bullets hit my house last night

This is a discussion on I think bullets hit my house last night within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by DMan Last night at midnight I heard a bunch of firecrackers/fireworks going off, but intermixed with that I heard at least one ...

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Thread: I think bullets hit my house last night

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    Quote Originally Posted by DMan View Post
    Last night at midnight I heard a bunch of firecrackers/fireworks going off, but intermixed with that I heard at least one rifle and several pistol's being fired. These have a uniquely different sound than fireworks. From what I heard there was at least one semiauto rifle going off (the evenly spaced, consistent crack lends me to think it was a semi auto rifle. Intermixed was a faster but consistent pop of a handgun.

    Why do people do that?
    My observation is that is seems to be a cultural/ethnic thing. Nearly unheard of in my former New England haunts, in spite of no lack of "redneck" wannabes and drunks. Out here in AZ, it's so prolific that they spend millions on "shot spotter" acoustic targeting systems, and have passed yet another child's-name law to make random gunfire expressly illegal.
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    when i lived in miami in the 80/90 live gun fire at new years and the 4th was all night. sometimes you could hear full auto.
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    Back in the mid 90's my wife and I were staying at a relatives house in Memphis during New Years. Just prior to midnight a mixture of firecrackers and gunfire started. We'd already gone to bed, but I easily recognized the gunfire. About that time my wife said " that's a lot of firecrackers going off". I told her that it wasn't firecrackers, and I could tell she tried to get a bit lower in the mattress.
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    What goes up must come down was driven home for me when I was a child. My father a neighbor and I were in the back yard the neighbor a county deputy had brought a new revolver for my father to look at. I dont remember what caliber only that it was a large caliber in those days.
    The deputy shot a can placed against a heavy wooden feed trough. He hit the can, we walked over looked at the trough saw the graze inside it then walked to his car. It was a suprizingly long time my dad and I standing on one side of his car him on the other talking over the roof of it as he prepared to depart when BANG, the bullet came down hitting the center of his car roof knocking a good sized dent. I never forgot that and it makes me nervous when ever I see someone shoot into the air like that though its done here all the time.

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    My brother just moved to our little town from the big metro area. He commented on New Years Day that he heard NO gun fire on New Years Eve. He said usually in the metro it sounds like a "war zone". I sure don't miss that kind of stupidity.

    What part of "gravity" don't these simpletons understand??
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