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Was Asked my Opinion Today

This is a discussion on Was Asked my Opinion Today within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by BugDude One popular comeback for the antis is "But a gun is designed to kill" to which I reply "And alcohol is ...

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Thread: Was Asked my Opinion Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugDude View Post

    One popular comeback for the antis is "But a gun is designed to kill" to which I reply "And alcohol is designed to get people drunk."
    One might argue that "gas chambers, gallows, electric chairs, and lethal injections" are designed to kill...guns are designed for self-defense...I'm just sayin'...
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    Due to our 2nd amendment rights a person does not have to justify a need for any type weapon they own. Many of the anti questions are design to back us into a corner or if we don't give the so called "logical" answer we come across as looney gun freaks. The anti people have learned well from Marketing Firms.......
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad426 View Post
    Did you high-five? Man hug, maybe?
    Chest bump, even?
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    As usual, BugDude's post is logical and articulate. I too will use his words.

    As to marketing and public relations, I've often felt we need our own marketing firm so as to use the same tools our enemies are using against us. "Might for Right."

    Perhaps along with our training in weaponry, tactics, and law, we need some classes on countering dis-information.
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    You ever think about running for an office?

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    LOL. No. I hate politics and too many skeletons in my closet from my misguided youth.
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    Great interaction with your buddy. No doubt he feels more comfortable and competent talking about the issue with people in his circle of friends.
    Semper Fi

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    Well said B-Dude! I've been asked my gun-opinion so often lately that I've had to edit & simplify the contents so as to leave the anti's minimal wiggle room. Limiting the availability & access of any effective killing technology only serves to handicap those who would use that same technology for protection. It was true of sticks & stones, then arrows & spears, then swords & muskets and now firearms. It's aggression & violence that must be courageously thwarted, not gun ownership.
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    If you have some old NRA magazines hanging around you might want to consider passing them along to this guy and maybe others who are interested. Our side has been taking quite a hit in the media for some time and it is time that people see us for what we really are and not what the haters say we are.
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