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My LGS has a new "no guns" sign now.

This is a discussion on My LGS has a new "no guns" sign now. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Ghost1958 All the gun shops here have that sign and ive asked them about it at each one. For them at least ...

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Thread: My LGS has a new "no guns" sign now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost1958 View Post
    All the gun shops here have that sign and ive asked them about it at each one. For them at least it doenst mean they dont want you carrying a loaded gun into the shop. What they are trying to say in short since its a sign not a billboard is that they dont want you to bring in guns loaded that you are trying to trade, show them, or otherwise be handling to prevent accidental discharges. Really short version was. Sure we like anyone to carry a gun we sell em for petes sakes but I dont really want to be shot by accident by a guy that is showing me a gun he wants to trade on.
    Bad sign I agree but I think youll get some similar answer and by some of the folks I see come in when im there I dont think i blame em for worrying about it.
    Yes,Gander Mountain & Cabela's have those signs but they also add that "does not apply to legel concealed carry custamors" well something like that. My wife used to always ask "did you see the sign?" "Did you check your gun?" I would tell her "no darl'in that sign is for the widow bringing in her late husbands gun collection."They just want to be sure there unloaded."

    She gets it now.

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    There's a local store here that I mentioned a couple of years ago that did the same thing.

    I asked the manager about it and he informed me that it's an "idiot reminder". There was two incidents that prompted the posting. It holds no weight of law in FL so CCW holders can freely walk in, business as usual. He said there was one gentleman who came in with a rifle he wanted to fit a scope to. So he laid the case on the counter and picked up the rifle from the case. Swung it around and sweeped the room. Guy behind the counter assisting him checks it and oops, loaded. Other one was some guy testing holsters with his CCW. People didn't like that.
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    I was down in Arizona visiting one of my college roommates and while he was at work he told me to stop by his favorite gun store. I saw a similar sign, no loaded or concealed guns. I opted to not go in because of this. When my friend got off work he explained that he knows the owner, who is okay with people carrying IF he knows they are responsible. Hes had too many idiots come in with loaded guns and trying out holsters, etc.

    Around here, most of the larger stores have something like "no loaded weapons. This does not apply to concealed carry, we welcome you" or something like that.
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    Hey guys, I just wanted to post an update on this issue.

    SHORT ANSWER - Sign is gone.

    LONG STORY for your entertainment.
    I went by the gun shop today (they are closed on Mondays) to find out from the owner what the deal was with the sign.

    I got to the door - NO SIGN!

    I looked all around, side windows, double checked the door - NO SIGN!

    I was beginning to think maybe I'd been sniffing too much gun cleaner and had hallucinated the whole thing...

    So I went inside, half expecting to be thrown out or arrested for missing the sign.

    I asked, "what happened to the sign?"

    "Oh that, owner1 went crazy the other day and put it up, owner2 took it down."

    Apparently what happened was the other day in a very short period of time they had a couple of people sweep the shop with loaded guns, then had two separate instances where people were selling or showing guns that had rounds in the chamber after they were supposedly cleared.

    So the owner that was on duty that day got pissed and put up the sign. Cooler heads prevailed the next day after receiving a few comments from customers.

    Everything is back to normal.

    Well, except for the AR prices... :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1MoreGoodGuy View Post
    Here is a sign at a gun store near here...I don't shop there.

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    I'd still go there. That isn't a 30.06 sign and does not have the weight of law behind it. A LGS around here has a sign that there are to be no loaded weapons UNLESS the person has a CWP and to just keep it holstered.

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