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When the current Panic Buying Stops - What are you going to buy?

This is a discussion on When the current Panic Buying Stops - What are you going to buy? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I purchased 1 AR just last week. I probably paid $500 extra for it, but to me, it will be well worth it if they ...

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Thread: When the current Panic Buying Stops - What are you going to buy?

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    I purchased 1 AR just last week. I probably paid $500 extra for it, but to me, it will be well worth it if they ban them. I used to have one, sold it, and I've regretted it since. I also purchased some highly over priced 30-round mags. Again, I'd rather pay more now and have them, than never have the chance to get them again.

    But after the panic buying and no new bills pass, another AR would be nice. Maybe something like a Bushmaster ACR. Also, a handgun with 15+ round magazines would be nice. Currently I only have 2 semi-auto handguns with single stack magazines to make them easy to carry. Lastly, I would like a AR in .22lr for some cheap fun at the range. Something like the M&P model. Would also love to convince my wife to carry, so a gun for her would be nice as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zombie57 View Post
    I don't know what I will do with my 'weapons of mass destruction' if they ban weapons of war. I knew I should'nt have answered that email from Sadam Hussien, but the offer was just too damn good. What will I do with 10000 cases of mustard gas? It dosen't spread like the liquid mustard. It's not like I can serve it at parties.
    You just serve it at Iraq Baath Parties.......
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    Re: When the current Panic Buying Stops - What are you going to buy?

    Id love to pick up a noveske upper and a noveske n4 lower and then turn my troy into an sbr.

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    Of course, the only reason I didn't buy one before this was because they're so hard to get ahold of. If a highcap mag ban doesn't go through, then a few more mags for my rifles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TX expat View Post
    It'll take forever before prices normalize, if they ever do. Much like our federal government, once the free market gets something, they rarely give it back. The current prices may flatten out and the used market won't support the crazy price gouging that is currently happening, but the new market is going to be high for a long while. AKA - the days of the good deal are probably behind us for a while.
    I have to disagree with you there. I do not believe the AWB will pass (call me pollyannish if you like) and the market will come back down. The free market works that way. Lets face it production costs for the manufacturers is not going up, and while I am sure Colt would love to sell $2,000 rifles that 90 days ago they were selling for a grand, the market will not keep buying them. So the price comes back down. Also, from what I understand the price hikes are not on the manufacturer end, but at the distributor and to some extent the retail end. Take Magpul for instance. Once the panic is over, they will be back up to stock on Pmags as will their retailers. If Magpul's site price is $15, then retailers have to follow suit. I also suspect that since everyone has bought up all the Pmags on the market, there may actually end up being a glut of them after the panic dies down due to decreased demand. I had 10 Pmags, and had not intended on buying any more until Sandy Hook, and in anticipation of the panic I bought 10 more at regular price the day after. I will be out of the market for a long time. I also expect the manufacturers to at least on a short term basis ramp up production and eventually supply will push prices back down.
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    Really want an M1A1. Isn't it too heavy to be an assault weapon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigJon10125 View Post
    Really want an M1A1. Isn't it too heavy to be an assault weapon?
    My father was in the Marines during the Korean War. I remembered him saying it was a heavy thing to carry around but when the shooting started it was just the thing to have. He had the regular M1 and he called it **** medicine.
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    Ammo magazines and reloading supplies. And maybe a new shield 9mm.

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    Ammo and a few more mags.

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    At my age, I don't need anything. But! I will buy what trips my interest and fits into my expendable budget. No change from before the panic. I could have sold some "stuff" at a profit during this temporary period, but would not have felt good about it and would have a hole in my safe's.
    Enjoy and shoot--take a kid to the range.
    I did for an first timer this week and it was a blast for the boy, his father and me.
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    1. Ammo
    2. 1911
    ...T. Ray

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    I was fine with guns but I got caught with a very low ammunition supply That is what I need desperatly!

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    The wish list includes an M1A or another Marlin 336. A new 9mm or 380 CCW perhaps. Maybe even a Sig 556. Ammo too I suppose.

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    Juist to play the devil's advocate on the question: Suppose the buying frenzy doesn't stop long enough to lower the prices? Could we ask Congress for subsidies towards our weaponry? I want my Entitlement!
    If the zombies on the left get any foothold, the prices will stay where they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sixgun View Post
    Ammo magazines and reloading supplies. And maybe a new shield 9mm.
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