Finally got out to the SCDNR range in Pauline SC. This is a supervised range
and the RO is a super guy and very helpful to everyone.

Very muddy, wasn't sure what to expect with the ammo shortage / prices.
Two other "regulars" there when I arrived at 0920, neither stayed very long
and I had the place to my self other than some long gun shooters over on
the 200 yard range.

This was my first trip since getting the Sig back from the Custom Shop.
They stripped it down to bare bones, ultrasonic cleaned it, crowned the
barrel, replaced all the springs, front sight and re-lubed. Must have given
it a bath as it was really wet. Customer Service was outstanding, turn
around time was two weeks.

Main reason for going was to try some variations of bullet weight and
powders. AND of course just for the fun of shooting the Sig again.

Jan.09 Range Report-down-range.jpg

Shooting from roughly 15 yards. Ten rounds at each target.

Best results.

Jan.09 Range Report-trail-boss-powder.jpg
230g plated RN over 4.6g Tite Group.

Jan.09 Range Report-tite-group-powder.jpg
200g plated RN over 5.1g Trail Boss.

Yup, still need to focus on trigger control ! Dry firing didn't reveal any pulling ?