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Just received mine from GarandGear.com, can't wait to get some rounds down range with it in place. On the site are the graphs where M2 ball ammo pressures were compared to commercial .30-06 ammo using the ported plug:

Shooting Commercial Ammunition in your M1 Garand

The plugs are currently sold out and should be back in stock Jan 18 (according to the site):

Ported Gas Plug

Info from the site:

Our custom gas plug has been designed to help you safely shoot commercial ammunition hassle free in your M1 Garand. Our gas plug has a tuned port that delays the operating rod for several microseconds and lowers the peak gas cylinder pressure by over 30%! Unlike a vented gas plug, ours requires no adjustments and is ready to use right away. The gas plug can be installed using a standard 1/4 socket driver!

Our ported gas plug does NOT vent gas like a vented gas plug. The secret is the hollowed out area in the base of the plug which increases the initial volume of the gas cylinder. By increasing the volume, the peak pressures are reduced without the need to vent the gas.

* I am not affiliated with the site but just wanted to pass along the info for any Garand shooters here.