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I Went To A LGShow Today And

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Thread: I Went To A LGShow Today And

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    At one gun show I went to a few years ago I remember seeing a guy wearing all black tactical type clothes and "open carrying" a holster. I found that funny because open carry is illegal in SC and gun shows don't let you bring loaded guns in to them anyways. I could not understand why exactly he felt the need to open carry a holster at the gun show, as he would not have been able to open carry his pistol after leaving.

    Anytime I have gone to gun shows I was never able to find ammo except for reloads that people were selling. Or maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough. And generally the firearms prices never struck me as being a good deal. I think people get caught up and go into buying frenzies at them because of the huge selection and the fact that it only happens in their area a couple times a year.

    I imagine local fire marshals are having "fun" having to work these shows to make sure the buildings don't get filled over capacity.

    The one good thing I hope the great AR rush of 2012/2013 does is show the politicians in DC and the states that people do not want them passing laws that restrict law abiding citizens from obtaining firearms and magazines.

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    it was a better then 30 min line in to getting in to the one we headed out today ( we hit it up on our way to the reloading store) Dh and I just stood in awe over the SAME AR he got for Christmas 500 more then I paid for it... and the only thing I really saw other then handgun ammo was the MIL ammo cans walking out the door.

    At one point while waiting in line, over the loud speaker said if you are in the long line that is for the gun show and there is no waiting to get in to the other events going on!

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    Typically here ... gun shows and the prices are very good. The one this weekend, everyone is saying everything in there is way over priced..... except for revolvers. It still amazes me that everyone is even buying all of the .22 LR ammo off the shelves here, as well as everything else.
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    I seldom go to the gun shows in my area. First they should be called; Flea Market and Gun Show. Second it is the same vendors with outrageous prices each and every month and third most LGS's in my area beat gun show prices on all products.

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    Gun show have been nothing but a rip off for 20 years here. Pay to park ,pay to get in pay higher prices.
    If you live in Wisconsin Fleet Farm local best prices still when ammo or weapons come in they still sell at normal price.

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    I haven't even paid close enough attention here. This is the first I've heard of a run on 22lr. Are there some folks who are confused about the current scare and are under the impression that 22 and 223 are the same thing? Is there something else I'm missing here?

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    Re: I Went To A LGShow Today And

    I guess people are scooping all and any ammo they can get their hands on.

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    22lr is pretty scarce around here as well. I think many people have realized that 22lr is an effective survival round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock View Post
    Sounds like the Nachos were the only real bargain
    parking for the gun show $6 bucks

    admission to get into the gun show with a dollar-off coupon $7 bucks

    natchos and a coke $18 bucks

    falling on the floor laughing my ass off at the sight of seeing some patz paying $2,100 bucks for a LE6920 priceless

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    Went to the gun show in Lubbock,TX last weekend. AR stuff out of sight. Everything else normal. I go to visit and see stuff I only read about in magazines. Like Perrazi shotguns and old Lugers. That is what is cool for me. Also the Lubbock show has GREAT BBQ samiches. 3.00ea and a coke for 1.50 and get to see engraved S&W wheelguns. Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Entry fee is 5.00 with a buck off if you show your NRA card. Spent 8.50 and had a good time.
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    The only reason I can think of to go to a show right now is to take one of my ARs that I don't like and find a noob with deep pockets. I know, I'm bad man looking for a sucker.
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    Went to one yesterday myself, more to browse and do something with some old friends. Some really outrageous prices on ammo (5.56mm) and AR rifles and similar. Saw a lot of different than typical shoppers. The line was long but moved quick and we were in in 15 minutes.
    Elbows and close quarters due to the volume of people.
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    I won't buy from price gougers now or after the rush.
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    deleted by poster - I was being silly. No offense meant.
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    MN gun show report:

    Bare-bones Olympic M4rgery: $1700
    1000-rd case of Russian steel-case .223: $700
    Well-used 30-round milsurp M16 magazine: $50
    Rowe/Higgins 2016!

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