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I almost died today. My wife shot me.....

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Thread: I almost died today. My wife shot me.....

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    By her one she likes for the first one. Then expect one of yours to become hers when she gets comfortable with hers
    Which means you can get another one.

    Win,Win situation

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    Great news. She sounds like a keeper!
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    Update: I thought it might be a passing thing with my wife. However, she has called people to act as references on the application (Don't get me started on that requirement). The check for the course is written and submitted, and she is now talking about the need to buy the ammo for the range portion.

    The idea that she would call people and say "I am going to get my CCW" is far beyond what I ever thought she would do. Now for the references thing, I understand that the Sheriff's department actuall call them, but the legislature is what dictate's is on the application. I am still in the daze over this.
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    A wise man told me once "if you know how many guns you have, you don't have enough". Take the opportunity to give her one of yours and get another. It's still your gun and you get to add another one to your collection.

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    Give one get one,but hide your favorite before she makes her selection

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    good for her,my wife jumped on board also
    its a good feeling to know you have some back up !

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    First thing you need to do is demand the aliens bring your real wife back! J/K

    As to her gun, let her pick out what she wants. Granted you want to guide her in the process, to make sure she doesn't pick out a piece of junk, but let her make the ultimate decision on what she will carry.

    It won't be long after that, you'll have your 1 carry gun, and the rest will be hers.
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    For mine, I registered her in a woman's defense course. That was great, because the instructor had several different types of guns and ran her through all of them. She got to hear the pros and cons of each one and decide what she liked best. After that, we took her to the LGS and she picked herself out a Walther PPS 9mm as her personal carry. She loves it. Doesn't carry as much as I would like, but I'm happy when she does!

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    As my kindergarten teacher taught me, sharing is caring.

    Sorry dude, you're gonna "lose" some of your guns.
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    For a lot of us here, buying guns is addictive. Like tattoos and cigarettes. Maybe you can turn this into, you buy her a gun for a special occasion, maybe she buys you a gun for Christmas or your birthday. The best gifts I have ever received are firearms.
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    Buy the gun for her. Be sure to pick out something you want very much but you know she won't care for it at all. Then take her to your favorite gun shop & let her choose her own. Maybe something in pink, lol.

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    Her first gun needs to be just hers.
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    If she really finds she likes shooting.... you'll need to hide your ammo..... Congrats to her though.
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    Congrats Im blessed in the fact that according to my wife we cant own enough firearms or ammo to suit her. So finances are the only thing that keeps us from having a truckload of everything LOL. She can shoot anything from a 22 to a 357 though shes more comfortable with 9mm, or 40. 45 not so much. Go figure.

    She was all up for getting her ccl then all the BO and anti stuff started and she balked. OC is very legal here with no permit at all. So at home or if she has to go out alone which is practically never she OCs. No record or paper which she likes. I think shes catching on though that I have a ccl and that pretty much nailed her too unless she divorces me LOL.

    I did see some talking a tag team defense and thats great if your comfortable with that. Personally I want her armed so that if the shooting starts she can get as far away as possible and take care of anything that stands in her way if she needs too to accomplish that. My primary is that if we are together that she gets away unmarked. What happens to me is secondary as long as she is safe. And away from the action but armed just in case is where she is safest.
    Glad to hear your wife is taking an interest.
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    My wife had her own (9mm Shield) but she decided she liked my full size Ruger SR1911 instead. So, she got that and I went in search of another one and found a Ruger SR1911 Commander. We both are quite happy. Not sure how she likes lugging around a heavy gun like that but it is her choice and a happy wife makes for a happy life. LOL
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