I almost died today. My wife shot me.....

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Thread: I almost died today. My wife shot me.....

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    I almost died today. My wife shot me.....

    I just about died today. Today my wife shot me with a text message saying "We need to talk about the guns". My only thought was "OMG, here it comes".

    My wife has been supportive of me with my guns, but she has never felt fully comfortable with them. With the political climate the way it is, and all the discussion going on in the media, I really thought she was saying "Enough, time to get rid of them." Instead......

    Instead, when we talked, she said "I think I need to get my concealed carry permit" I was wondering if I need to clean the wax out of my ears... I asked her to repeat that, and she did, I had heard her correctly.

    I can't believe it. I had suggested it many times over the years, but decided I wasn't going to raise the issue again after years of turning the idea down. When my wife says something like this, it generally means she very serious and is ready to do it. She doesn't say stuff like this unless she means it. Needless to say, I got out of work early, met up with her and visited some stores where we can get information on the a class she can take. We even had a sales person pull out a few different makes/models see what fits her hands.

    So now I need some advice... after she gets her license, do I lock my guns away so they stay mine and let her get her own? Or do I let her have one of mine, so I can get a new one?
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    Get her one of her own. More than one would be even better!

    I just took my wife to an NRA Basic Pistol course on Sunday. She did really well but it's not her thing (yet). Hoping she comes around and we can get her a CCP and something of her own.

    You're a lucky man!
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    Get her one of her own, but share with her also. If you play it right you can pick up one for her and a new one for you too.
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    Sharing is caring!
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    Congrats -- sounds like patience, education and being a responsible gun owner have paid off!!!
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    Get her a good one that she loves. Think of it as a "thank you" present for finally agreeing that you were right all along
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    I almost died today. My wife shot me.....

    Pinch yourself. Again. If you felt both pinches, you're good to go.

    The exact same thing happened in our house. I suggested a few websites where she might be comfortable, some Falia videos and such. I let her pick a pistol. The end result? This Christmas we got new pistols for each other, ones that each of us wanted. I also got her into a good 3-day defensive pistol class that she really enjoyed. I hope you can find such training for your wife. Life is so much better when your wife bugs you to go shooting!

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    The best part is her first "carry gun" can be whatever the heck you've been wanting for yourself!

    Oh sorry baby, that Desert Eagle .50 AE is a lot heavier than I though it would be. I guess you better pick your own gun and I'll just stick this one in the safe.
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    Makes a guy feel like a million bucks or at least I did 18yrs ago when my wife said I want my CCW

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    Congrats. It looks like it is going to get harder to defend ourselves and there is power in numbers. I would get her one, and by that I mean let her pick one sh wants. Maybe she will even let you get one! Stay safe.

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    People are coming into their senses. The society is in a decline and no laws and police is enough to protect you and your family from the lawlessness.

    My wife had been uneasy about guns in the past, too. But all the bad news keep on happening, she said mentioned that she feels better about having me and guns around the house. Just the other day we were out and about, she asked me if I have my CC. I put my arm around her and pulled her close to me so she can feel the CCW. She then said "good".

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    Let her get her own. Better yet, if you surprise her several times with a present, you family will grow. If youg give her one of yours,(latral move). it won't grow to much. And one couldn't blame you if you get the choice wrong several times before you let her pick it herself.
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    Buy her the gun She wants.

    Don't just give her one of your old "hand me downs" (so you can go out and get yourself a new one), unless it's one that she really wants.
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    My wife is asking the same, got her signed up for a Firearm class, and she was reading through a magazine and now wants a Custom Kimber ULTRA RCP II, good taste.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMan View Post
    So now I need some advice... do I let her ...?
    Be happy that she does whatever she wants, in this regard. Be happy it's a situation in which you're becoming a tag-team on the subject of self-defense and the use of force as needed to protect your family. Support whatever investigation she needs to make in order to get comfortable with the concept, find a suitable firearm, get appropriate training, come to grips with the reality of being armed with a deadly weapon, and the whole host of questions. "Allow" her every latitude to be be as fully responsible for the decision as she's capable of being and knows how to be. Do those things, and I can't imagine how things could go wrong short of her getting cranky about not finding "the one" right away.

    Glad things are working out, defense-wise. Kudos to both of you!

    Next steps ... get involved with force-on-force training, learn a tag-team approach to defense, get "the plan" down pat, etc.

    And, whatever you do, strongly consider having someone else do the formal training. Better for both of you, on that score.
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