Watching very closely

Watching very closely

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Thread: Watching very closely

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    Watching very closely

    Do you think our president is watching very closely the people's reaction in New York losing their second amendment rights. I do not remember seeing any protesting on TV when the people knew this was coming. I did not see any protesting when they were going to vote on this. and now there is still no protesting after they lost their second amendment rights. the people of New York (not making any noise at all). I am sure our president is watching this very closely and he may figure if they can get away with this in New York and the people seem to be okay with this. Then he probably figures he should be able to get away with this also to the rest of the country.

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    Re: Watching very closely

    Except for California, Illinois, and a few other states, the "rest" of the country is nothing like New York.
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    He doesn't care whether they protest in NY or not. He has been waiting on the right opportunity to pass gun control and Lanza gave it to him.

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    He doesn't care at all what the people think or want. The only person's interests that are important to him are his own.
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    He could care less if they protest or not because he has Excutive Order. He knows this crap will pass.

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    I they were demonstrating and protesting for new laws that would be plastered on every media outlet. A protest against, nah would not hear a peep about that, just not newsworthy.
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    Worrying about what happens at a state level would be so beneath him, I really dont think he cares one way or another. His way or the highway.
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    All he is doing is trying to get an uprising somewhere so he can say The people (law biding citizens) are a threat to our country and I must stop this. This is where he will declare Marshall Law and it will be over for all of us.

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    Eventually someone will push it to the SCOTUS.
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    I wouldn't expect NY (and some other states) to make a lot of noise over their 2A, so it appeared they took their lumps obediently. I'm sure the media was able to help also. Since there was very little opposition, one could read between the lines that 2A isn't that important, and the timing of that happening made Obama look good. I don't know if that was a "big" plan or not, I'm pretty sure it was though.

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    New York is essentially two different countries ruled by one mega-city/state. New York Population Distribution Map by from -- World?s Largest Map Store.
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