When I can get my tax return submitted, and the money I should be getting back is deposited, my next purchase is planned to be a Ruger SR1911. That is, if I can find one. I have wanted one since they had been announced and I read about them. Then I got to shoot one and my desire heightened. I am extremely excited as it appears that I will be able to get one finally, with my wife's blessing on top of it, when we do get the return done and money back.

I think they are beautiful. Now, the big question - since they have now come out with the smaller Commander version, which to work on getting? I'm leaning more to the full size as I've actually fired one of them and I may use it for carry sometimes but my M&P40c is my smaller gun for EDC.

My next planned purchase - if W2's and 1099's will get here soon...-rugersr1911.jpg