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Thread: Is it just me or....

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    When I first started shooting .357 I didn't think the recoil was bad. 30 years later I can't say the same.
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    I don't shoot a lot of 357 out of my Taurus 617(short barreled 7-shot) because it rattles the filling in my tooth. It also seems to have a pretty sharp recoil compared to my Glock 36. But I feel better carrying it loaded with 357 over 38spl, so I shoot enough to be confident in my aim and then load it up with 38 to have some fun while I'm at the range. If I am carrying concealed, I pick the Taurus much of the time. Carrying at home-Glock. If I am shooting at the range for fun-Glock.

    I can't imagine shooting 357 in an SP101, especially if it has the longer barrel, is really that punishing. Shooting 75 rounds from an LCP, now that was brutal.
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    A lot depends upon how many rounds you are firing. Anybody can do 10 rounds of most any cartridge. But if you are firing 100+ rounds at the range, that's a different story. Also, as I've gotten older I can't handle the banging in my hand/arm as I once could. Heck, I bruise if I bump a wall wrong.

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    Some people are more (or less) recoil sensitive than others. Doesn't have anything to do with being a "wussie." I can shoot a lot of rounds of .357's in a good strong revolver, but after a few cylinder fulls of .38's in my LCR (with the smaller CT grips) I've had enough.

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    I have the same SP101, and I personally don't find it the least bit unpleasant. I also have been shooting .357 Magnums for 30 years and have large thick hands and wrists and oddly enough enjoy recoil. That's not the case for everyone. Perceived recoil will differ for each individual based on relative experience, hand and wrist size or strength, grip technique, type of grip installed, type of load being shot, etc. Relatively speaking, the SP101 for a smallish .357 does not have an exorbitant amount of recoil due to the weight. The percussion from the round itself can be unpleasant for some. Like they say in the hills back home, it's all relative.
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    There are so many variables that can affect recoil that it's almost a personal issue.

    For me, I am a right-handed shooter that has a bad pinky finger that was injured in a fist fight, and a bad ring finger that had tendons nicked by a #10 can lid. So my grip is weird, to say the least -- I'm literally gripping with a thumb and two fingers, and the other two are just kind of there for show. Makes recoil different for me than for others, but never something that I describe as 'unmanageable' -- just different.

    I have two .357's, a 3" model 65 with original rubber grips, and a 4" model 66 with some nice Hogue grips, and the 66 seems to kick more for me than the 65. Go figure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zachary View Post
    I carry a Ruger sp101 .357 magnum with a 2 1/4" barrel. On many forums I hear people describe the recoil as being "punishing", "painful", or "brutal". I personally don't find it to be that bad; am I Superman or a there a whole lotta' wussies out there? Lest you think I am Superman, I'm 5' 9" and 130lbs. I also find the recoil from a .44 mag. Redhawk not "unmanageable". Just wondering...
    Its all in the grip. If it fits you and you hold it right it should be quite managable. If you shoot alot or as much as one should, recoil shouldn't be a bother. You won't get max velocity out of the short barrel but it will bark LOUD.

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    I love shooting my 3" sp101, don't mind the recoil at all. I shoot more .38 special than .357 mag because of the cost, but I have run a hundred magnums through it with no problems. I swing a hammer for a living, so I think my hands are used to constant pounding. I would rather put 100 magnums through the sp101 than 100 .380's through my LCP. I've shot them together, 5 or 6 shots at a time just to compare the recoil. The best way I can describe the LCP is like slapping your palm with a ruler, it has more of a slap than a hit. The grip is maybe 1/3 the size of the sp101, I think that makes a huge difference. The SP101 just fits my hand, and I really enjoy shooting it. If I could only have one pistol, that would be it.

    I was attacked by a pitbull a few weeks ago, luckily the sp101 was in my pocket and ended the situation. I can tell you that in a high stress situation, the noise from the gun isn't distracting at all. I heard it fire, but it was nothing like shooting at the range without ear plugs. It was before dark, so I don't know about the muzzle flash.

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