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Is 3 mags enough?

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Thread: Is 3 mags enough?

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    Totally up to you. If the funds are there, go for it. If not, wait. I have a few guns that have 5 mags and others just one for now. I am hoping if something happens, I will be OK with 1 or 2 mags.

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    My XD9 4.5 came with two 19 round mags. I just bought 6 more for it. I'm keeping them in their packages for case I can't buy more later. All of my other pistols I have between 4-6 mags for. If I plan on keeping he gun, I plan on having enough mags to last a lifetime.
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    Very good points guys...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMB View Post
    If you are ever in a situation, where you go through 43 rounds of pistol ammunition, the problem isnt that you dont have enough mags, its that you needed a rifle.

    If getting a rifle is fiscally impossible, I would suggest a shotgun, if that cant be done, then sure, buy more pistol mags.
    This here. Mags can bend/brake or go bad, so it's good to have spares.
    For carry, if you've expended 3 mags and still have a problem... well, you won't have for long.
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    I've always preferred having 4-6 magazines at minimum, for any carry gun I have. In a couple instances, I've had more than that (though it was overkill). Helps ensure I've got spare parts, in a pinch, without impacting my carry gear including a couple of spares; it allows me to rotate the magazines, to help regularly "exercise" them to ensure they're all functional and reliable.

    My "math" has generally been: 2-3 mags for carry; a couple of spares; a couple more as backup, or spare parts instead of these. That'll pretty much cover anything you can think of, short of outright failure of the economy and zero future access to spares.

    If you're not going to have a good number of spare magazines, at least have spare parts around. Followers get dinged and damaged, for example. Check Wolff springs, for after-market alternatives for mag springs. Keep the mags cleaned and very lightly lubed to ensure consistent, reliable operation.
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    If you wait to buy mags you may be limited too 10 rounders. I say buy them while you can.
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    I carry 3 spare 8 rnd mags for mine for a total of 4 mags or 32 rounds
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    The weakest link in any semi auto is the magazine. I don't carry an extra mag for round count, I carry it in case of a magazine malfunction. I'm not going to take the time to try and fix it, just drop and reload with a different one.
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    Buy as many as you think you need. For that's one; for others that may be as many as they can get. Instead of dropping a bunch of bucks for spares on hand, maybe a couple extra mag springs and followers. Much less than mags.
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    Doesnt hurt to have a few spares on hand. You dont have to carry them all at once. But in case one gets damaged youll have a replacement.

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    I think you are covered for SHTF. Assuming 2 hits apiece to take the zombies down, that is 15 bad guys. You go up against 15 bad guys in one encounter with a pistol, likely you have lived your last day on this rock. Ain't gonna be a Hollywood movie happy ending.

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    I wouldn't be overly concerned with mags, those are things you can pick up as you go when you find a good deal or have a few extra bucks burning a hole in your pocket. With all that said, my personal minimum is 5. 2 for carry, 3 more for range and carry rotation
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    These types of decisions are always difficult, especially when balancing a budget is such a major consideration.

    My take on the situation right now would be to consider the current political climate. I think today I would buy 2 higher capacity mags now while I knew I could get them and at todays prices.

    Keep in mind I use my PX4, 9mm for competition shooting. I have 6, 17 rounds mags and recently purchased 2, 20 round mags for it.

    Where did you find $29 mags for your PX4?

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    I have 3-4 mags for each semi automatic but I'm shooting for 4-5 each. Reason is so I can keep 1-2 filled with self defense ammo all the time and the others with range ammo. My plan was to just put a dab of white paint on the range mags so I dont waste the more expensive ammo at the range.

    But will keeping the mags loaded all the time wear out the springs or make them unreliable?

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    I would say it depends on your other resposibilities. If it's just you and you want mags you can't really afford,the solution is easier. If you have a family to consider, they are more important that a one in a million SHTF scenario. Besides, if you get off 43 rounds, your either going to be out of trouble or dead.
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