How many rounds?

How many rounds?

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Thread: How many rounds?

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    How many rounds?

    Where I used to live, I was able to shoot in an old stone quarry. I had no time constraints and could take my time. I
    have since moved to a residential neighborhood and don't have access the quarry. I will be using a indoor range nearby
    My question to you guys is, how many rounds are you generally going through in a one hour session at the range?

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    I dont do ranges since I have five acres and can shoot safely out here in the sticks in my back yard. About all I can say is that in an hour Ill probably go thru more rounds here than at at a range. Min would be a 100 more like 300. If I have a friend or two with me it woudnt be unsual to go thru 1000 or so rounds between us in an hour of 380 9mm 40 and 45 combined.
    I cant afford that kind of ammo dump a week but one couple I shoot with here comes over with a trunk full of ammo to burn in those calibers and they can afford it.

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    my local range doesnt have a time limit so i stay 2 hours or so an put 200 thru my 1911 (5 8rnd mags) and 250 thru my 10/22 (5 25rnd mags)for a total of 450 in 2 hours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizard75 View Post
    My question to you guys is, how many rounds are you generally going through in a one hour session at the range?
    Depends what I'm focusing on. Breaking in a gun, I'm often just blasting rounds through to smooth things up. When focusing on specific technique, I'm generally taking my time to ensure I'm getting the benefit of the exercise in question (mag swaps, clearing jams [simulated], multi-target engagement while moving in simulated situations, whatever). Much of that doesn't take gobs of shooting to accomplish.

    On average, probably ~100-150rds per hour, I suppose. Sometimes quite a bit less, depending, often more. Often, usually, I am dealing with at least a couple different guns as well, and the focus might be different with the other gun. So, I might do ~50-80rds through my carry gun in a series of drills stressing technique, but say 300rds through a new pistol I'm breaking in.
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    Like ccw9mm, 100-150 rounds in an hour on an average. Some trips will be more, some will be less.
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    Re: How many rounds?

    Normally 150-200 rounds per hour.

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    I try to keep round consumption in my edc's to around 1000 rounds/month.
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    I usually fire about 200 or so. Depending on what type of targets I am using. If I am firing an AR it is a little more.
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    I'm in the 100-150 / hour range for handguns. Less if I'm setting up sights, more if I'm letting off steam.
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    I'm hard on cash as of late so I can really only go once or twice a month and I'll shoot 100-150rds in a half hour-one hour session.

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    One if it's on target.
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    100 - 150 in a hour.

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