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7 9mm or 7 45acp?

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Thread: 7 9mm or 7 45acp?

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    If I were forced to adapt, I would go with whatever I was most comfortable with and shot most accurately.
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    I guess I would carry the Commander or the 686 +
    Maybe a baby Glock in .357 sig

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    I already carry a Glock 36 with 6 round mags, so that's what I would go with.....with about 6 extra mags.
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    I wouldn't switch to revolver b/c there are other advantages to semi's besides capacity. For carry, it would be more a choice of platform and dress. If I were going to be carrying IWB with a full/compact gun, I'd choose the 45 in a Commander 1911. If the gun were to be hidden more covertly like a kangaroo carry or smartcarry, I'd go with a 9 mm like the shield. I would probably be replacing my G23 as soon as funds were available.

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    I would stick with my .45ACP. Or my .357mag. ...or go all out and get a DE... "I can only have 7? -.50AE it is!!"
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    I've been carrying a Glock 38 or 1911 (Tripp 7 round magazines) strong side IWB instead of a Glock 19 or 23 and there are no magazine restrictions on me; the Glock 38 has an 8 round magazine, so I guess it's too "high capacity".

    A 7 round limit would really get me on my subcompact Glocks 27 / 29 that I appendix carry or Smartcarry; I would either have to go with a Glock 36 or Kimber Ultra for that role, both of which I've owned before and gotten rid of for differing reasons.
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    Re: 7 9mm or 7 45acp?

    I already carry a 6 or 7 round mag for my Kahr PM9. But a law like NYS would impact my M&PC from 10-12 rounds to 7, at that point I would move to get a 357 or. 45.

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    Undoubtedly, .45 acp. The whole point of 9mm is to carry a an exorbitant amount of ammo.

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    At this point, my usual EDC, the Glock-36 (6+1 in .45) won't change.
    Sometimes I'll take my Ruger SP101 in .357 (5-shot)...they are both good to go.
    The fact that I'll never EVER step one foot into NY won't change either.
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    Dessert Eagle, open carry or shoulder rig! But seriously I might go to a 1911 or a .357 mag, but I'm just praying it never comes to that.
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    I would think about my S&W at that point. You can swap mags fast so maybe just stay with the 1911
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    Currently own a 92FS, but the next one on the list (this spring) is a Cougar 8045...so both options will be covered.

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    If forced to carry at a seven round minimum. I would have to go with the weapon i shoot the best caliber would be influenced by such. Plus companies would eventually catch up tothe need for smaller mags until then i would be stuck with my mustang, ppk, government 45, or my 686+. More then likely I'd gravitate towards the 686+ I shoot it better then the other options in that capacity. Stocked with 158 Gr sjhp I'd feel more then comfortable in the darkest of places. Then I'd put my PPK on my ankle to make up for the slow reloads.

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    If I was only to have 7 rounds available I would go with a .357 six shot revolver ruger security six or something like that with speed loaders. Just me but the edge goes to the 357 125 jhp to make the most of every round fired over anything else in a SD role.
    My overall weight would likely increase also because I would carry a min of two of those revolvers plus pocket pistol to make up the difference.

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    I'd move to another State.
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