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Are you, or do you know, a teacher willing to carry concealed at work?

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Thread: Are you, or do you know, a teacher willing to carry concealed at work?

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    4,546 wife would be delighted to accept that responsibility...

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    I don't know any teachers anymore since my children are all grown. But I would fully support any who have a CWP to carry if they wish.
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    My wife is a teacher, and really wants to carry at work. It is legal for pistol permit holders to carry in public schools in Alabama, however, the local school system has a policy against it (gasp) and if caught, can result in termination.

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    Yes, my daughter is a teacher, and she's very proficient with her guns.
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    My son (college teacher) and his wife (elementary teacher) both have enrolled in a CCW class. They talked about it before but the recent events prompted them to make it a priority.
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    My sister would have been delighted to have the opportunity as a teacher, my niece would be delighted, and her husband who hires a lot of teachers, indicates most of them hired would like the opportunity.

    I know one idiot retired teacher from NJ that would refuse, but..... who cares
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    Let the teachers teach. Let the airline pilots fly the planes and leave the security work to dedicated professionals. Instead of sending billions of "aid" dollars to every country on the planet, how about we cut that and use the money right here at home. Tired of being the worlds ATM anyway.
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    Concealed is concealed, I would rather lose my job saving a the life of a child than, living in fear for them or myself..... Just sayin.....................

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    VIP Member Array dangerranger's Avatar
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    Id be willing to bet that if we think back on all the teachers we had as kids and all the teachers our kids had over the years, they would break down most like the numbers of current CCW holders. 3 to 5 % of the total population.
    Think about all the teachers you know...
    A small percent of them you would not trust with a gun.
    A slightly larger percent wouldn't want to even touch one.
    There is a percentage of teachers that wouldn't qualify, either for legal or physical reasons.
    The largest percent wouldn't want the added responsibility of carrying at school.
    And then there are the 3 to 5 percent that would qualify, would take the training, take the responsibility, and actually carry.

    For those that aren't teachers, think about the people closest to you, I think you will find some that fit into each of those category's. DR

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    VIP Member Array Eagleks's Avatar
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    May 2008
    The answer here is simple :
    1. They do go to schools where there are armed SO/RO's.... every day.
    2. There is a Principal and a few teachers who I know , who used to be in the Hwy Patrol, Sheriff's officer, etc.... and all of them would like to carry.
    3. There are teachers I know who have their cc license, and there is not one of them that would concern me if they carried.

    Here, it is legal to carry in a school with a cc license, if the school is not posted. NONE of our schools are 'posted'.

    So, the only thing left is the school board allowing teachers to carry, because it's already "legal".

    A more "liberal" city in the state, tried to pass having SO's armed at schools a few years back ... and there was an outrage against it by the citizens there. About 3 weeks back , they brought it up again.... and there was no outrage, and it passed ... 6-0.
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    I already do.
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    I'm a teacher and both my boss and i would really love to be able to carry. Right now the only thing that separates us and our kids from a madman is a little glass door we began locking after all of the recent events and other stuff that's happened in our area.

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    If such a law were passed in Arizona, I would gladly do so. Until such time, I will rely our school's SRO and hope for the best.

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    I know several that would carry and several more that I believe would carry if it were not illegal or against school policy.

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    I know a few teachers, and at least at least one would happily carry at her Detroit job. She;s got a level head and I'd trust her to. Another might carry, but there is potential for mental snappage there. Not at all with the kids, but she's been through some rough stuff and it's taken a toll.
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