Heard this while having my morning coffee. Almost fell outta my chair.

Heard this while having my morning coffee. Almost fell outta my chair.

This is a discussion on Heard this while having my morning coffee. Almost fell outta my chair. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was having my coffee this am and this commercial came on about this drug called ( intermezzo ). For whatever reason I decided to ...

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Thread: Heard this while having my morning coffee. Almost fell outta my chair.

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    Heard this while having my morning coffee. Almost fell outta my chair.

    I was having my coffee this am and this commercial came on about this drug called (intermezzo). For whatever reason I decided to pay attention to it, probably the goofy graphics associated with it, who knows. Anyway, when it came to the side effects (and this is where i almost snorted my coffee in the cup), I could not believe that the FDA would put something like this on the approved list. When I read and see all the legislation regarding guns and mental health I kinda cringe. My reasoning is this exact example listed above. Here is the list of the side effects for this drug that is supposed to be used to treat sleep disorder. Abnormal thoughts and behaviour, including being more outgoing or aggressive, as well as confusion, agitation, hallucinations, worsening depression, and suicidal thoughts or actions. REALLY! And this is just so someone can go back to sleep faster. This crap gets my official UGOTTABKIDDIN! Stamp.

    Now, I know not everyone will or would experience any or even one of these side effects, but by the fact it's listed in the "possible side effects" disclaimer means it has happened in clinical testing somewhere. Give one of those guys or gals an AR or AK and there ya go; disaster waiting to happen. IMO, this kinda crap is a joke. Under the new purposed legislation, if someone like you or me went to the doctor over fatigue or whatever and was prescribed something that contains some of the crap in this drug, we could be lumped into the (This guy has a mental health issue, therefore he is no longer fit to carry a pistol), Truth be known, I cant say that I would disagree with it. I wouldn't like it, but i wouldn't want some other guy carrying a gun around either; at least not running under the possible side effects of that stuff. The real problem as I see it is, the friggin FDA approved something like this. I mean seriously, did Sleep disorders just start hitting the population in the last 40 years or so. What ever did we do before all these wonder drugs hit the market. kinda makes me wonder what if any drugs some of these folks involved in these mass shootings, or anyone involved in any murder may have been using; beside the illicit ones that is.

    Anyway, just thought that was a ridiculous list of side effects to be listed on a drug that's on the market, and how it might play into the hands of the Libs and gun control. Take from if what you will, but I do believe something like this will come into play somewhere down the road. I say check your prescriptions folks, you might be surprised to see, you may already be on the up and coming list due to prescription drugs. Just something to ponder.
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    You haven't been watching these commercials enough. How about the diet drug that causes "greasy anal discharge"?

    Most of them have so many side effects "including death" that I wouldn't take them unless it was already a matter of life or death.
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    I understand your concerns and can only echo them.

    I always like the commmercials where they list one of the side effects as "death." Like you said, the fact that they include this as a side effect means that death has occurred at some time, in some trial, and yet they are still allowed to market such a product.
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    This should be what they need to look into and not targeting guns and that would be the "overmedication" of people. The pharmaceutical lobby however is a powerful one. They line the pockets of many of our politicians because they can and unless that is addressed then we will see business as usual. Yet, we do need medications, it's just that too many people rely on them soley.

    I always like the warning labels on meds that say side effects include "death."
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    The pharma companies in this country are just as crooked and despicable as those .gov morons responsible for allowing crap like this to be marketed.
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    Heck, there's even a pill out there that can put you at risk for staying up in excess of 4 hours. Now that could do something to your mental stability.

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    If I can ever "stay up" for 4 hrs, I'm going door to door.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gottabkiddin View Post
    I mean seriously, did Sleep disorders just start hitting the population in the last 40 years or so.
    We bring more work home. We have cheap access to bright lights in the late evening. We use electronic devices as leisure goods in the late evening. There is more ambient noise in urban centers. Fewer people work physical jobs.

    Yes, the percentage of people who suffer from chronic sleep deficit has much increased. Sleep is really important! A bad night's sleep can ruin a day rather severely

    And that's why Big Pharma is involved.
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    Many bad things happen these days because of the obscene profits being generated. You can't hardly name an issue that doesn't have a money trail. Linsey Lohan is a perfect example!

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    Theres many herbal/other alternatives to taking medications such as that stated or trazadone(a tranquilizer)..
    Also before it gets to that point a patient would begin to realize because they would not be in a good point in life,and they would discuss it would their doctor and have it immediately changed..
    Also especially if no one has any previous med history,with that type of drug..
    A doc will always start you out on the lowest amount and avoid going higher if needed...
    Theres just alot more to it then what everyone knows out there..
    But yeh I agree some of these commercials the list is crazyYYY they come up with and like scary ha..
    Anyways also many of these medications have natural ingredients to and are not bad for you if used properly.But for starting something new(although very different for every person) it's good to do some research and see just how common those things are..
    Theres also alot of youtube videos where people have like med diaries and say how there feeling acting on their new meds..
    Its not all bad, but it could be if abused or not taken or maintened properly.
    I dont take meds but I know aloT about them..

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    Pretty much any drug advertised on TV these days lists serious mental side effects and even death.

    It's why I hate going to the "doctor"* or taking any medication I don't have to.

    * I use quotation marks as it seems any doctor I've seen for the past several years can't seem to effectively treat a problem. Rather, they use a trial and error method of prescribing pills. "See if this helps. It doesn't? Try this one. No? Give this one a try." Gets the patient to come back again and again racking up the bill and then getting kickbacks from all the drugs they sell to you that apparently either don't work or you don't need.

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    I laugh at the side effects of the hair-growth drug "Propecia", because one of them is reduced sex drive. So let me understand this - Your ego says you need more hair so, I can only guess, you'll consider yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. But the very drug you're taking to grow hair, to attract more women, also causes you not to be as interested in...sex?

    "Ask your doctor if Propecia is right for you."
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    Re: Heard this while having my morning coffee. Almost fell outta my chair.

    Those drugs they push on TV are (as Alex Jones would say) mass-murder pills.

    The government wants to ban guns and give us this dope. No thanks.

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    All those so called medications have those crazy side affects. That's why I stay away from that crap.
    Remember drugs are bad even those that the FDA approves to help you feel better. Just say No!

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    Re: Heard this while having my morning coffee. Almost fell outta my chair.

    Listen to an asthma inhaler commercial. "increased of of asthma related death." Basically "it will work or u will die from what it's supposed to fix." Pharmaceuticals are great, yeah?
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