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What are your thoughts about Ruger?

This is a discussion on What are your thoughts about Ruger? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; It just seems like to me we can all lean back and feel smug anyway. I mean honestly, do they really expect their company to ...

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Thread: What are your thoughts about Ruger?

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    It just seems like to me we can all lean back and feel smug anyway. I mean honestly, do they really expect their company to remain strong if people like me who get a Ruger as a gift don\'t give them any money to accessorize it?

    True they made the money selling the pistol to the person who bought it, but it seems to me like their own decision has come back on them.

    I own an SKS. It doesn\'t mean I support Communism. Buying a Ruger doesn\'t mean you support Bill Ruger\'s outlook.

    This is the same kind of thinking that led people to boycott Heinz Ketchup. I\'m sorry but you are not hurting gun control laws by not buying a particular brand of ketchup.

    The bans the man supported would have just come about as the result of someone else\'s handiwork. Who knows, maybe he saved us from something even worse by offering those concessions.

    I\'m not going to defend what he did, I\'m just saying let\'s not miss the forest for the trees here. Our battle is bigger than Bill Ruger\'s wrongdoings.

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    If someone is in the industry, in the loop and they produce and sell firearms to freedom loving Americans, then it is the ultimate in betrayal to suddenly jump ship and sell out all those who supported your business and aid those who would seek to disarm us. Instead of standing shoulder to shoulder and helping to protect a God given right that many many men have died to preserve some decided to cut and run and make deals with the enemy. I have no regard for Ruger at all and I will never ever own one used or new.

    As for S&W even though they were under the ownership of the Brits when they fell on their sword I will never ever own one again. Many other weapon makers in other countries did not see fit to toss their hat into the ring and as a result retained and recieved my respect. I donot forgive those who aid our enemies even if it was "misguided". The fact they took the steps to ban, withhold or steal away our rights is enough for me.

    It is a free nation (Thank God) and if you wish to buy thier products then by all means please do. But, in my humble opine you place the rope around your neck and that of your fellows when you pay hard earned money for their product. Those of you who say that "who are you to say Rugers views are wrong?" If not you, if not us? then who will? Just because they are in the business and not some shrill, crackpot Anti-gun org or some lacky politico that speaks in their behalf it does not shield them from what was done. A simple "I'm sorry" does not work here. Trust is earned and should not be given back with to much ease. But, as I said it's my humble Opine.

    Have a good day, Stay safe folks.

    Partisan Ranger :comeandge
    People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence in their behalf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by F350
    What happened with S&W was done by the lime sucking ******** that owned them at the time; S&W has since been bought by an AMERICAN company that has renounced all the deals with the federal commissars. Ruger on the other hand is still run by the back stabbing SOBs who did the dirty deed, Billy jr. was with the company at the time and has done nothing to change things.
    I have been away form this forum for a few days and am just catching up. Thank you for the S&W comment. My first gun was a S&W revolver that I was issued by my department in 1970 when I became a cop. I bought some S&Ws then stopped when they were sold to the British. I read the apology and was satisfied enough to buy about a half dozen S&Ws in the past year. I am going to call Midway today or tomorrow to place an order for a Uberti pistol. From what I understand Ruger makes excellent black powder pistols. But Uberti costs a lot less and from what I have read they were chosen by colt to manufacture their black powder reproductions.

    PS it was never an issue as to how reliable the ruger is. After all this is a black powder revolver that is not going to be used as a carry weapon. If I was looking for a reliable carry weapon I would not even think about black powder.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rfurtkamp
    What you miss is Ruger not just does not make said magazines, Bill Ruger was behind the actual conception, theoretical and legislative, of the 10 round max. That was HIS baby. Not S&W. Not Colt. Not Feinstein. Not Kerry.

    Bill Ruger\'s.

    That\'s why some of us will never forgive it.

    Without Bill Ruger\'s \"insight\", the bans we know from 1989 on, import and otherwise, may never have transpired. Without his stewardship and participation, there\'s no way in hell the NRA would have signed off on them like they did.
    Edward “Ed” Zackerly

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    How do you all feel about buying used Rugers? I just picked up a really nice Super Blackhawk and my money didn't go to Ruger.
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    "Yes ma'am, just as hard as I could"
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    I just bought a Security Six a couple of weeks ago. Obviously not new and Ruger did not get the money. This piece shoots straight. I like the feel and the weight of the gun and yes I do CCW with it too. 4" barrel gives me good accuracy. First shot out of th ebarrel was at 25 yds at a bottle cap. the bottle cap now exists in pieces all ove the berm. Yeah I like it just fine.

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    We all have opinions, Bill Ruger Sr. had his and I had mine. I still buy his guns, and will continue too. Yes, I have a copy of the letter. Friends can disagree, and still be friends..........I hope.
    Keep the shotgun handy!!

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    My father owns a P85 (with a 15-rnd mag), which I took out for a few rounds for the first time in years. It fit my small hand much better than my Beretta 92FS, but I also have issues with the magazine release button.

    I wouldn't CC it, but for its price it's been a reliable, accurate handgun.
    It's not about the caliber you carry, it's about how you USE it.

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    Rugers, without the politics, are vanilla guns. They are basic, common, and are really hard to beat. O.K. maybe they are chocolate guns, but the revolvers of theirs that I have owned (.44, .357, .30 carbine) were first rate and darned accurate.

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    Well, Bill Ruger is dead. I don't like what he said, but I have owned two Rugers. One was a Blackhawk that I had for twenty some years and it was one of the finest guns I ever owned. Now I have a P944 that is much more reliable than several others I tried. Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Just my $.02.

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