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Dealing with a family member that is anti-gun

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Thread: Dealing with a family member that is anti-gun

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    I know the solution.Its easy as pie..
    I cant talk to my Dad or Gpa about anything..Pretty much..
    Because they have to top you..They know the best.It's always going to be an argument...No matter what u say positive or negative..Maybe u bought something and they have a better choice u coulda made...u get my point..
    And spending time talking/getting to know that someone you will find out what things u can talk to them about..
    Its called

    "Setting Boundaries"
    and finding your limits that should be met and not exceeded with specific individuals..

    So when that happens with me and someone,you can either just agree and change the subject.Or just change the subject..
    Show them one signNN of flare and that u want to defend urself.And they will feed off that.and Get that fire rumblin

    Be the better :)
    But just dont go there with that person.Even if you feel it'd be nice to.
    Know ur limitations :)
    set ur Boundaries and this gos with everyone in life

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    I'm not a mental health counselor but I will say this. It's "projection". He is projecting all of his ignorance and lunacy on to you. Think about it. Don't interact with him. And don't concern yourself with justifying things to other relatives unless they ask specific questions.
    Good luck.

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    Sounds like he is anti gun because of his own idiocy and because of his idiocy he is blaming the tool again instead of the fool. I agree with everyone who said, have as little interaction with him as possible.
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    Projection as well yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbguy29577 View Post
    Sounds like the type both sides want to keep from buying a gun. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. He may be "anti gun" now that he has been forced to be "pro-unarmed".
    That is EXACTLY my thinking as well. Now that he cannot legally buy a gun, he's in the same class of felons, sex offenders, etc who cannot buy a gun, so it's easier to take the opposite stance to cover up the fact that he can't pass a background check.
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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Two pieces of STRONG advice...stay away from him and ignore him completely.

    A third suggestion: If you HAVE to be around him for some family function, refer to my first two pieces of advice.

    "When you decide to roll in the mud with a pig, you'll only get muddy and the pig will love it."
    Quote Originally Posted by gasmitty View Post
    Pretty easy. Which one of you has more credibility - you, the gun owner with no interaction with the criminal justice system, or him, who has been medically diagnosed with a personality disorder and has been legally stripped of his right to own a gun because of his behaviors?

    Go about your life quietly. Don't respond, don't even react to his comments unless someone else makes inquiry. It takes more guts to remain quiet when facing accusations and slander form a fool than it does to respond in kind. Assuming your family other than your BIL are reasonable people, they should be able to separate the truth from the garbage he is spewing.

    ^^^I'm in this camp here^^^^^^^^^^^^

    He is an unstable mental hopspital escapee.
    Have no further contact with him electronically, written or verbal.
    You have no idea to what length he will go to ruin your life, and that could mean getting the authorities involved with lies, deceit and BS.

    You need to break off all communication with this idiot, like back when he started waving a gun around.
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    One word..........avoid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bark'n View Post
    I also tell no one!
    You just did
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    Just stay away from him. Names are names and if he isn't around you you won't hear the names. Remember stay cool and level headed since you are a gun owner. You don't need him trying to lure you into something you might regret.

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