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Discarding ammo boxes in a hotel

This is a discussion on Discarding ammo boxes in a hotel within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I would just burn them in the trash can in the room that way nobody would know what they were .I'm gonna have to quit ...

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Thread: Discarding ammo boxes in a hotel

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    I would just burn them in the trash can in the room that way nobody would know what they were.I'm gonna have to quit putting ammo boxes and primer boxes and empty powder jugs in the trash or somebody might panic.
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    you should be fine

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    This is ridiculus. I am not going out of my way to try to find a dumpster miles away or play cloak and dagger to get rid of something I had a right to buy and use. If it freaks out the staff I really don't care. If they call the police it would give me time to enjoy the asinine Q&A that would follow.

    The staff could do a lot more damage to me by stealing my credit card information anyway.
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    Just throw them under the bed. Or take them to the front desk upon checking out and tell the desk clerk you found them and ask for the recycling bin. Both are good for a laugh or two. LOL.

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    I would just
    *Throw all ur loose ammo boxes into the dumpster along with anything else gun related..
    *Get no less than 1 gallon of premium gasoline mixed with 1 bottle of "jet fuel" additive.
    *Evenly spread and pour over the remains in the trash.
    *Light one of those trick birthday candles you can't blow out and toss it on in...
    Mission Complete

    hahaaa JK

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    You know that guy in the next room that plays the TV real loud late into the night? Put the boxes on the room service tray he leave outside his door.
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    Boxes probably wouldnt freak out the maid as bad as the one freaked on me a few years ago. Of course she decided for some reason I had left early and decided to come in before checkout time. I was still asleep heard my door open and she was looking at the business end of my 45 until i realized who it was. No big issue after with her or the motel since she shouldnt have come in that early without knocking but I think she peed her pants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExactlyMyPoint View Post
    I am taking a firearms class in another city. Consequently, I am staying at a hotel. I am wondering, if I discard my ammo boxes in my hotel room, do you think that may alert hotel staff to nefarious activities? Given the current sensitivity to firearms, some people may overreact. I was also thinking of discarding them in the public trash so as to not advertise which room I am in.
    Do what I do with cat litter (used) when I stay in hotels with a no pet policy and bring my cat anyway.. throw the trash in their dumpster outside, in a tied up bag.
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