Reporting an AD/ND

Reporting an AD/ND

This is a discussion on Reporting an AD/ND within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This has NOT happened to me, but I am just curious as to the reporting requirements. Say for whatever reason you have a AD/ND. You ...

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Thread: Reporting an AD/ND

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    Reporting an AD/ND

    This has NOT happened to me, but I am just curious as to the reporting requirements.

    Say for whatever reason you have a AD/ND. You were pointing the gun down and the bullet went into the floor. You live in a ranch house so the only thing beneath you is your crawl space. You recover the bullet. Are you under any obligation to notify the police of what happened?
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    I live in the country so the discharge is not considered illegal (in town), just stupid. Nope, I fix the floor before the wife gets home.
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    i have never heard of someone reporting an ND,

    there is no such thing as an accidental discharge.
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    Why would you do that? Buy a can of wood putty and patch the hole. If you have carpeting - cut a piece out of the closet and patch it in.

    Just remember though that your floor and into a crawl space is an entirely different scenario than sending a projectile through an outside wall or a window.

    You will need to know exactly where that bullet went and PRONTO because some innocent neighbor could be hit and "bleeding out" in an adjacent home.

    If you ever turn one loose and you "know not where it went" then you had better call 911 in a big hurry and report it without hesitation.

    If you send a bullet into another home and that home owner calls the police - they will use laser alignment coupled with some ballistic calculations and they will know exactly where that ND originated from...and then you are in big trouble.

    Just do the right thing if you could have possibly put any innocent person into harms way.
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    I don't know the legalities of this situation, don't know where it happened or what the law is, but if you are the only one that knows about it,just fix the floor, done. Why open that can of worms.
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