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Where/What State - Should I (We) Move?

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Thread: Where/What State - Should I (We) Move?

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    KY.stand your ground and castle doctrine.
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    Go west, young man...

    Enjoying life will come from more than gun issues. Taxes, weather, employment, etc. I really liked Spokane, WA, but the winters finally got to me and the job outlook wasn't good at the time. FL weather is generally too frigging humid to enjoy the outdoors. But it is in the high 70s today with no snow in the forecast.

    You need to do a lot more research.
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    Wouldn't it be better to narrow down a list of states that meet the most important criteria and THEN factor in the 2A concerns for those states?

    While 2A is important, it may take a back seat to things like cost of living, housing, taxes, public services like fire departments and medical, etc.
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    The great state of Tennessee.

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    Below that old white mountain just a little southeast of Nome....Has everything you are seeking...

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    Montana, good luck finding a job though once your there.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    I don't think I'd ever leave South Carolina, but if I did, it would be for Texas. As it stands, someday I'll likely fade off the grid into a swamp somewhere where nobody can nor would want to find me.

    Good luck on your escape.
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    There are a lot of things to consider depending upon where you are in life. Retired folks would look at things differently, and the moving, in and of itself, is not cheap.
    Is there a state income tax? How high are property taxes? Do they tax Social Security? Do they tax other retirement income? Employment? Gun laws? Weather? Demographics? Grandkid visits? Medical centers? Housing costs? Stand Your Ground Laws? Can I shoot out of my back door?
    You could win on any of these and then lose on the others. The 'president' of our corporation and I HAVE been looking. The iNet is a good resource, but iffy.

    When they start picking towns like Philly, NYC, or Chicago...I look elsewhere. It's certainly a coincidence (NOT) that stringent gun laws also seem to pair with high taxes...darn blue states.

    Idaho is pretty gun friendly, but the climate is a little chilly. I could live in Southern Idaho.

    Alaska would be perfect, but it's soooooo far away from everything else. The AK climate is also a bit chilly except for some places in the Southeast. We lived in AK for 7 years and the 'president' probably wouldn't go back...I would.

    Oklahoma is tempting, great gun laws, weather is fine, housing is reasonable. This is an example of where saving on housing costs and house taxes are offset by income tax on retirement.

    I'm amazed each time I see what the money spent in FL could buy in some other states...FL housing and land is not cheap, even with the depression we are in...and the taxes in this county on housing is almost robbery. There is no question that the weather is outstanding, and I certainly do not miss Michigan winters. Add to that pretty good gun laws, but you have to either have a friend with a lot of land or go to a range to shoot.

    Alabama, Arkansas, Wyoming, Missouri, Nevada, and Arizona all have either taxing, or demographic issues, but Arkansas and Alabama, and Tennessee would be very nice, but TN does have some taxing concerns.

    I believe that Northeast Rural Texas seems to float to the top for a number of issues...taxes, housing costs, and gun laws (nothing beats their Stand Your Ground...ask Mr. Horn). Oklahoma is another place that I could see going. Kentucky is great for retirees, and it would put us much closer to our grandkids. Taxes very much favor those not in the workforce and guns seem to be a way of life there...I could shoot out my backdoor. Kentucky could be a good consideration.

    So, I guess I've narrowed it down to TX, OK, or KY for this ship to sail, but for now, the Captain of this ship is keeping her at the dock...I'm just part of the deck crew here.

    In any of these states, the particular place/area in the state is also important for other reasons. It is even more fun looking when 'employment' isn't on the list of concerns.

    No one is going to like another man's choice 100%. It's like picking out a woman, ALL are beautiful, it's just that some are more beautiful than others.

    Well, whoever is looking to move...good luck and enjoy the search, we certainly are...

    To the OP, remiaj...
    Compared to where you are leaving, even Russia would be nicer.
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Re: Where/What State - Should I (We) Move?


    Castle doctrine
    Open carry allowed
    Shall issue ccw state

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    I was 12 years old when my family moved from New Jersey to Tennessee, and Thank Goodness for that decision. I can only shiver at the thought of how different things would be if we had stayed.

    Tennessee is a really beautiful state; lots of foliage and hills and plenty of bodies of water, too, if you're an outdoors person. The sky is clearer. That was one of the first things I noticed when we moved. I looked up at night, and there was a blanket of stars. You'll get a culture shock, but in a lot of good ways, too. When you get past the slow drawl a lot of Tennesseans have, you'll notice that if someone has a flat tire on the side of the road, it'll not take ten minutes before someone pulls over to help. If you have a gun, your neighbor will show you his. There's a lot of self-sufficient people in the more rural parts. After Katrina hit, I saw a long convoy of utility trucks head south. We are the Volunteer State for a reason.

    Very gun friendly. Shall issue. Castle doctrine.

    There is no wage income tax. The last time the state considered it, there was a large "meeting" of citizens at the capitol. I don't think they'll try it again anytime soon.

    Just move outside of any major city limits (I'd recommend that for any state).

    If you have strong allergies, TN will not be the state for you.
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    We moved to Florida because of climate, cost of living, no income tax. Gun laws are really easy. Only problem is that there is very little land for plinking, most shooting is on ranges. Most public land is posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoda View Post

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    Well I live in Florida, however I say Tennessee.
    "As a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment rights, I believe tougher enforcement of our nation's existing gun laws must be done before any more laws are enacted and put on the books."
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    If I had money and didn't need to work full time I'd probably go to Kentucky or Alaska. Somewhere out in the backwoods, avoiding the cities as much as possible. I'm sick of the city rat race and not being able to step outside and setup a target for practice, but unless I win the lottery I ain't gonna be able to move anywhere.
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    Although some would argue Texas because of their gun laws. I would say NH. Not only does NH have ideal gun laws. But they have no knife laws. Opposed to Texas who has knife laws. Also if you are already in the north east it is a cheaper move.

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