Chicago Gun violence blamed on Climate Change!

Chicago Gun violence blamed on Climate Change!

This is a discussion on Chicago Gun violence blamed on Climate Change! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Al Gore would be proud. Now we have linked "Climate Change" and Gun Violence....a liberal's dream Former Playboy CEO Blames Climate Change for Chicago?s Murder ...

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Thread: Chicago Gun violence blamed on Climate Change!

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    Chicago Gun violence blamed on Climate Change!

    Al Gore would be proud. Now we have linked "Climate Change" and Gun Violence....a liberal's dream

    Former Playboy CEO Blames Climate Change for Chicago?s Murder Rate - By Nathaniel Botwinick - The Corner - National Review Online

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    They seem so desperate to blame everything EXCEPT the individuals who commit the crimes. Amazing.
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    Maybe he's right. The quote doesn't "blame the murder rate on climate change," but rather points out that more murders occur in warmer weather, and that the weather has been warmer.

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    yea!!! lets just prosecute mother nature and let them murder suspects out of jail. ahh wait they will just get out in 3-5 anyways

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    No impact by the economy, drug trafficing, gangs, inner city BS, but because it's wamer. Sounds like a good candiate for the advertisements... .. "this is your brain after taking drugs".
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    Must be just the inner cities that experience global warming.
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    Could have something to do with violent behaviour, who knows. Will so-called Climate Change create more Lunatics?

    We get the word "Lunatic" from the idea that people went crazy during a full moon, the prefix of the word coming from the Latin word Luna which translates into English langage, "Moon".

    In fact, there have been some studies to see if it had any effect on people and made their violent tendencies come to fruition during that phase of the Moon. The Moon's pull on the Earth is responsible for the tide rising, so they figured since humans are composed of a large amout of water, 80%, the Moon did nasty stuff to people and they did wild things because of it's influence.

    I don't know if "Climate Change" aka Global Warming have anything to do with violence, but it does seem that people tend to behave badly when it's really hot outside. Couple a 100+ degree day with a full Moon and we just might have the recipe for disaster.
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    I need a beer.


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    I need two head is spinning and it's not the beer. Liberalism is a mental disoder!!!!

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    What happened before air conditioning?
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