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What is your favorite gun to shoot?

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Thread: What is your favorite gun to shoot?

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    Whichever one I have in my hand. If I don't like one, I get rid of it.
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    Marlin Model 60. Always enjoyed shooting it since high school.
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    s&w model 39-2. old school 9mm auto. real fun, easy to shoot.
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    Impossible to name a favorite. Any of several would get their little feelings hurt if I settled on one.
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    For a handgun, either my CZ P-01 or HK 45c. For plinking, I love my cheapo Hi-Point 995.
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    My Garand. And if you have to ask why...well you'll never understand.
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    Marlin 30/30 with ghost ring site at 100yrds. True test of my shooting ability

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    Hands down, my favorite shooter is my S&W 686+ Performance Center .357. The thing has the smoothest DA trigger I have ever pulled and is unbelievably accurate. I just had a green fiber optic front sight installed, shot it Monday for the first time and like it even better.

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    Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.3

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    Have many I enjoy shooting but I think my most favorites are, revolver S&W Model 19 2 ½ inch, semi-auto any 1911, rifle have not tried the M-1A yet so I will go with the M1 Garand.
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    Kahr P380 or Henry H001Y or the rest of them.
    Glock 23 - CZ 452 ZKM Special - Walther P22
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    Henry H001Y - Winchester 12
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    Of all the firearms ive owned or shot one sticks out as being the most fun. It was a Colt Frontier Scout 22 that my dad had and I wound up with when he gave it to me.

    Single action, slow load since the cylinder didnt swing out.
    But I had more fun with that gun I think than anything before or since. I shot the crap out of it. Hunted coon with it. Killed a few rabbits with it. Killed a couple of steers with it for butchering back when we had cattle.
    Heck I even got pretty good fast drawing it and fanning all six shots into a gal milk jug at close range.
    Granted it wasnt a SD weapon like I think of one now. I guess by now it would be worth quite alot of money since the local gun dealer even back then was always trying trade me out of it and I seldom saw one then and havent for years now.
    I finally broke over and traded it on a brand new Ruger 357 magnum with a four inch barrel. Now I think back and wish I had never let it go. Funny what guns a guy will have once they are gone wish they werent.
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    Well I have to go with "which ever I take to the range that day".
    Last trip I satisfied myself that the Sig 220C was back on target
    after the Custom Shop worked on it.
    When the weather clears I need to put some rounds through the
    DW .357 mag and the Ruger LCR .38Sp.

    Used to followup with the Browning Buck Mark just to relax. The
    transition to that light trigger might cause a few flyers at first
    but what a sweet pistol. Scarcity of CCI .22 LR ammo has put
    that on hold for now.
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    Re: What is your favorite gun to shoot?

    For rifles its my Kriss VectorWhat is your favorite gun to shoot?-uploadfromtaptalk1359616659919.jpg So fun so easy, its a real pleasure to shoot for sure. A close second is my Hi-Point
    As for pistols, probably my Kimber.

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    Glock 30sf Ruger LCP Remington 870 HD Hi-Point 995TS Sig 556

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    Good ole West Virginia
    Rifles: I love my 35 remington lever action, also my grandpa's bolt action 22mag.

    Pistol: 22.lr Single action revolver and my glock 19

    Shotgun: my mossberg 5500 mkii (semi auto 32in barrel) it's heavy and long but fun as all get out to shoot.
    Say 'what' again! I dare you! I double dare you!-Jules Winnfield aka Samuel L Jackson

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