Never point a gun at anyone, even a toy gun . . .

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Thread: Never point a gun at anyone, even a toy gun . . .

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    My favorite squirt gun was a pistol-grip, pump action shotgun that let rip a HUGE blast of water. Squirt guns just aren't any fun if you don't shoot people with them. It was realistically colored, and I don't remember it having any orange on the tip. That was back in the 1980s, and my neighbors never gave it a second thought when I ran around with it. These days, any realistic looking toy guns are going to have to stay in the house or in a private area. My brother and I also shot at each other with rubber band guns all the time, and the rule we had was to not aim at the face. We knew the difference between real and toy guns.

    One of the neighbor's kids wasn't well parented, and he assaulted us with a BB gun one day. Luckily, he missed and nobody lost an eye. Retribution came a few days later when we ambushed him and let loose a string of brand new, nice and tight rubber bands.
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    I got my first part time job at age 12 sacking groceries at a local mom & pop grocery store. The next summer at age 13, I picked up a 2nd part time job working for a local farmer running a tractor, bailing hay and etc. By the time I turned 15 and got my driver's license, I had enough money saved to buy my first pickup, a '77 Chevy 4x4. The very first thing I did was install a gun rack in front of the back glass window. From around early fall until spring every year (various hunting seasons), one of my rifles or shotguns was ALWAYS hanging in the rack and I drove to school every day with it hanging there. Nobody ever said a word about the gun and I wasn't the only one that had one in their vehicle. I've also toted a pocket knife since I was big enough to open one, including every day at school, and nobody ever had a problem with that either. Fist fights at school were a common occurrence and I don't ever recall anyone pulling weapon during a fight. You didn't file charges against those you fought with back then either, you settled your differences with your fists and that was the end of it. If you got caught fighting at school you'd usually get detention for a couple days or paddling at worst. Now they expel you.

    Things are a lot different now. Kids matured a lot quicker then. A lot of people today are "dumbed" down. Parents don't allow their kids to do anything except play video games and watch TV. Anyway, not sure why I got off on that.
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    Toys are made to be played with. My kids know the difference and the rules involved between a toy/nerf gun and their bb guns, air rifles and firearms.

    Lt. Col. Dave Grossman had an interesting insight into the notion of action vs consequence in this respect. His line of thought is that playing airsoft or paintball and letting kids shoot at each other was a good thing because they learn the consequence of shooting someone and being shot, PAIN. They leant to play and follow the rules of the game. Whereas with toy guns or in a video game environment the consequences for being shot or cheating are either nothing or a points reward(video game).

    My boys have had airsoft guns since they were 6 & 8. They were given safety rules which have been enforced and both were shot with one so they'd understand the consequence of being shot. Do you know how many times they've shot each other in almost 2 years? None. Actually I'm a little disappointed, they won't even put the masks on and play a game. They just target shoot in the basement.

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    It's been 15yrs but as I recall Paintball guns were really fun to point at other people. (after eye protection of course)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveCO View Post
    It's been 15yrs but as I recall Paintball guns were really fun to point at other people. (after eye protection of course)
    Other protection is a good idea for those who is fail end up taking a low shot front on. Like when you find out a "friend" decides to pay off his debts to "friends" on the other team and ends up shooting a bit low.

    The pain is still fresh in memory from 5 years ago.... Remind me to repay the favor someday.
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    Lord help me. I grew up playing cowboys & indians as well as cops and robbers, "shooting" my friends countless times in the process. Strange how I knew the difference between my hunting guns and play guns and how to handle them.

    I'm raising my grandson. He also grew up pointing toy guns at me and his uncle. When he turned 9 he got his first real gun, a Remington 20 gauge. When he received it the toy guns went away.

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