Direct from the Presidente.............

Direct from the Presidente.............

This is a discussion on Direct from the Presidente............. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I wrote the white house in respect to gun control....this is what I got back.... either page 2 is missing, or there is nothing here ...

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Thread: Direct from the Presidente.............

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    Direct from the Presidente.............

    I wrote the white house in respect to gun control....this is what I got back....
    either page 2 is missing, or there is nothing here at all about the original subject matter.....
    or it could be I don't speak or understand the language they speak in.....

    The White House, Washington

    Dear Don:

    Thank you for writing, and for your service and sacrifice. As President, it is my privilege to hear from Americans like you who take time to offer their perspective on the serious issues facing our Nation.

    The American people are looking for cooperation, consensus, and common sense in our Government, and they have shown they want action. I intend to deliver that in the months and years ahead. From putting Americans back to work to expanding access to medical care, my Administration will continue to do what is right to move our Nation forward. We have enacted the most comprehensive financial reforms in decades, rescued and helped retool our auto industry, expanded student aid to millions of young people, helped level the playing field for working women, and made the largest investment in clean energy in our history. Because of the courageous acts of our service members, we have been able to end the war in Iraq and take down Osama bin Laden. We have also made historic commitments to provide for our troops as they return home.

    Securing our country’s future will take time, but I will not stop working to rebuild the kind of America where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules. I remain committed to working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together: reducing our deficit; reforming our tax code; fixing our immigration system; and freeing ourselves from foreign oil.

    I am always eager to hear ideas that will help our country adapt to changing times and lead us toward a brighter day. Despite our differences, we know that our destiny is shared and that our country is at its best when we accept our obligations to one another and to future generations.

    Thank you, again, for sharing your views. I encourage you to explore The White House to learn more about the ways we are moving America forward.

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    Once again, the government completely ignoring listening to you. Does it come as a shock? Lol

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    Re: Direct from the Presidente.............

    They could have just sent you a democratic party campaign brochure.

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    You should frame it. Go all out.
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    Oops, some mail room clerk inadvertently sent you the wrong canned response.
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    What were you expecting?
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    Thanks for your service, Don. Now go away.
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    I am shocked and appalled that the, I mean President didn't speak to your question or concern. It must have been a mistake caused by George W. Bush or the republicans in Congress...or maybe he was too busy playing golf to really read your letter. Oh, I know...he was too busy shooting skeet (which he "does all the time"), so he had an underling reply and that person screwed up. I know our beloved leader would never intentionally ignore a comrade...

    Damn, I can't even type this with a straight face...

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    I see you got the "Military Member" form letter.
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    I'm glad you posted this. It shows the response or lack thereof that we can get from the White House regarding our concerns.
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    Let's see...

    They have the Post Office all organized now...

    Medicare is working well...

    Social Security is all set...

    Health Care is perfect...

    The Economy is just booming...

    Taxes seem fair...

    And now we see that they even have the 'email response machine' finely tuned...

    I guess we can trust them that the food in the FEMA camps will be nothing but "Steak and Lobster", too...
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    It should remarkably clear at this point that they don't care about individuals, other than dear leader. Socialism and communism are based on collectivism. They have a file full of form letters to feed the sheep while they slowly 'transform' us into a collective.
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    Use it for target practice!!!! :) probably the letter they send back to anyone that writes him
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    Print it on high quality paper...
    buy a nice wooden frame for it...
    Mount in in the frame after you add his signature to the bottom.... in crayon... with the r's backwards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad426 View Post
    Thanks for your service, Don. Now go away.
    and while I have your attention please donate $5.00 to my eternal campaign fund.
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