Took my daughter shooting for the first time today.

Took my daughter shooting for the first time today.

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Thread: Took my daughter shooting for the first time today.

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    Took my daughter shooting for the first time today.

    I started shooting about 40 years ago, but had been inactive for about 15 years. I started back up about a year ago. I finally got my 20 year old daughter to the range today for her first outing.

    We covered the basics before leaving for the range: Safety, operation, grip and stance, and marksmanship, including dry-fire with snap caps. She initially had a preference for the revolver because she could see how it operated.

    She first shot the S&W Model 10 .38 Special. She's kind of small and the gun was a little big for her hands. She had some difficulty reaching the trigger, and between that and the heavy trigger had a difficult time hitting the target.

    She next shot the Springfield XD40SC. The recoil was quite a bit more than she was expecting. However, due to the smaller size and the lighter trigger she was quite a bit more accurate.

    She then shot a couple of rounds out of her boyfriends full-size S&W 9mm. The recoil was quite a bit more manageable for her, but by this time she was starting to complain about her hands being cold (outdoor range, 4" of fresh snow).

    If I had a smaller caliber handgun (22, 380, 9mm) I would have started her on that. But you have to use what you have. I could have started her on a 22LR rifle, but she wanted to shoot a handgun.

    On the plus side, she wants to go out again, and also wants to try shooting clays, although she's a little concerned about shooting a 12 gauge. She also wants to shoot the Type 53 after she gets a little more comfortable shooting.

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    Sounds like some quality father daughter time to me! It doesn't get much better.
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    Both of my daughters, 15 & 12, love to go shooting. I shoot IDPA & USPSA, both of my sons are hunters, my dad is a LEO (R) instructor, so my girls grew up learning gun safety.

    Once they start blowing thru all of "Dad's" ammo stocks, you may have 2nd thoughts ;-)
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    First off, Bravo Zulu ! Those are those 'little' moments that memories are made. She'll remember this day for her lifetime.

    Sounds like a good outing overall. Yeah, the weather kinda made things 'limited' but she got an introduction just the same..... with a man she KNOWS she can trust!
    Also sounds like the 'bug' might've caught if she's wanting 'more'. Good job Daddy!
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    Awesome! Thanks for being part of the solution. Glad it went well and I am sure she has a much better appreciation for them. Hopefully she gets the itch and starts bringing over ammo to shoot dad's guns!

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    Great day at the range. Try her out with a 20 ga for clays. Much easier to manage without giving up power. Gas operated shotguns also offer less recoil!
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    That's awesome! I have a range date with my 13 year old daughter tomorrow morning, her favorite is the Ruger 10/22. Very special time indeed!

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    That's awesome

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    I taught my daughters (now in their mid-20s) to shoot rifle (.22lr) and shotgun (20g semi) some years ago. Recently they expressed an interest in shooting handguns so they're going to the range with me next weekend to shoot, S&W M&P 9c, Ruger SR22, and S&W .38/.357. Will do some "snap cap" practice at home first also and go through all the safety procedures and range etiquette. They've both also just signed up for firearms safety courses to get their LTCs. Shooting with your kids (sons or daughters) is a good time. My wife also enjoys shooting but isn't a big fan of pistol shooting.
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    congrats! my daughters 3 and i take her with me shooting she sits in the car with her mom and watches me and she loves it im already teaching her about guns and gun safety even though she might not remember or know but its still worth a try. i cant wait till shes older so she can actually shoot with me. i wanto get her a 22 pistol or a 380 auto the day cant come fast enough!

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    Took my daughter shooting for the first time today.

    Congrats! That's a good dad.

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    Awesome! I taught my youngest daughter to shoot IHMSA .22 Silhouette with a Ruger Mark II many, many years ago when she was 12 or 13. Now, she wants me to teach my grandaughters who are 9 and 13. I no longer have the Ruger and no longer shoot silhouette (eyes too old), but a few months ago I bought a Colt (made by Walther) 1911 .22 to use to teach them with, and also for me to use "plinking", 'cause .22 is a lot cheaper than the .45 rounds for my Kimber! It is great to get kids involved in the shooting sports and keep the traditions of "armed Americans" going on, generation to generation.
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    Sounds like a good family outing at the range. Keep it up! She'll have alot of fun and both of you will treasure the memories.

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    Good job. I have a small range in my back yard(45-50yds) and both of my kids have grown up learning about guns. My 12 year old daughter got her first gun this Christmas a 22lr., she has been shooting mine for a little over a year and last Christmas got her first gun a daisy BB gun with the pink stock. The times teacher her are some of our best memories.

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