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Needing some female advice

This is a discussion on Needing some female advice within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by XD9SC_Becky And I don't carry in a purse, I think it's an awful idea for women. I usually carry my LCP in ...

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Thread: Needing some female advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD9SC_Becky View Post
    And I don't carry in a purse, I think it's an awful idea for women.
    I usually carry my LCP in my jeans pocket, but when NOT wearing jeans I use my Coronado Carry Purse. It is set up for carry. I have practiced with how to carry my purse when coming in from or going out to the car. I know the most effective way for me to draw.

    Why do I carry in what YOU consider a "awful" way, but due to my age and disability...body carry is NOT the most efficient AND effective.

    I have to consider both limited range of motion and mobility. Lack of certain speed and strength. I must consider these things and then train and direct my self defense tactics to these "weaknesses". I have done a good job of this.

    So before pronouncing the "death blow" to purse carry, be advised that some of us DO purse carry and do it well. It just takes fore thought, preparation, practice and mind set.

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    Well im obviously not female but you might begin with the most important thing there is to carrying a weapon for self defense especially a hand gun, besides the safety aspect of it. That it isnt a hobby and if you have any doubt of the will or skill to use it, if forced too, without hestitation, youll likely just arm your attacker when he takes it away from you because you couldnt bring yourself to shoot, or didnt practice enough to be able to do so quick enough.

    It happens in real life more than you think. To men as well as women.
    You dont have to believe a train is coming. Itll run over you anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XD9SC_Becky View Post
    My husband and I are starting a page on Facebook and a YouTube Channel. We've got some ideas on what video's to do but I wondering from other women what would you like to see another woman or a couple talk about or demonstrate on on a gun channel?

    Guys do you also have any ideas?

    Here's the link's for Facebook & YouTube


    YouTube: CitizensInArms - YouTube

    Be sure to cover various types of concealment for women.

    Also cover specific likes and dislikes of the kinds of handguns you shoot. How is the recoil? Accuracy? Weight? Reliability? Ease of concealment?

    FYI, I will never visit Facebook but I will check out your stuff on YouTube.

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    I hope your endeavor works out for you.
    I feel women have been left out of the defensive equation for some time. My daughters have all been taught that they are not victims and have been taught to shoot properly.
    Other than empowering women to defend themselves, letting them know that they are not alone, and that many, many other women are taking matters into their own hands is one avenue you could look into. The link below is a site that puts the emphasis on women being empowered. Good videos on concealment, tactics, do's and don'ts, safety etc.
    The Well Armed Woman.
    Possibly some ideas for you.

    Good luck!

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    I think showing how women can best CC given the clothing styles nowdays is a great idea.

    Also, different scenerios empathizing situational awareness so you don't put yourself in the position of needing to use your weapon in the first place. For example, putting your kids into their car seats, unloading groceries into the trunk, parking in the safest areas. What to do if you have to walk down the street at night in a city, where to stand while waiting for the Metro...things like that.

    I think a well made, smallish purse for CC would be a good seller. The best would be with one that your wear over one shoulder that crosses your chest so it can't be snatched easily. I'm surprised that one of the leather companies hasn't come up with something already. Maybe they have and I just haven't seen it.
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