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how long have you been a gun owner?

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View Poll Results: How long have you been a gun owner with intent to carry?

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    25 12.69%
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    31 15.74%
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Thread: how long have you been a gun owner?

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    Sep 2012
    Does OC count, if then it's 52 years..

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    Jan 2012
    Oh let's see shot my dad's guns a winchester mod 10 22 caliber, Colt Police Special, and an old Civil War Colt 1858 Navy, 36 caliber, from when I was 6 years and old. On my 12th birthday I was given my first shotgun. An Ithaca 12 ga. single shot break down I still have it. I bought my first rile shortly after turning 16 in 1970, a Winchester model 70 in 225 Winchester. I didn't get my first hand gun until I was out of the service in 1981. A Colt 1911 then a Sig P-220 I didn't entertain the idea of the intent to carry (my Sig P-220) until 2009 when I got my CCL. So it looks like I have had the intent to carry for 3 years, owned guns for 46 years, but been shooting for 52 years.
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    I learned to shoot as a boy scout, but growing up and living in New York City, it was such an inconvenience to go shooting and almost impossible to get a carry permit ao I did not even contemplate it. After moving to Virginia a series of events made me decide that it was time to take it up again about 9 years ago while in my forties

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    Nov 2012
    Less than 3 months. I got a gun so I could carry.

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    Dec 2012
    9 years with CC.

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    Jan 2013
    Well over 10 years with intent to carry but not carrying. I'll explain. I use to carry when I lived in Indiana over 11 years ago. 11 years ago me and the wife moved to Illinois(her home state). Here I havent been able to carry on my person but do intend to carry once again if we ever get it actually passed. It wasnt until recently that I learned about Utah ccw license from a sporting good store. Upon learning about it we decided to go for it even if it meant we could only carry while we are traveling outside of our home state.

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    nc mountains
    26 years of CC'n and bought my first firearm in 1976. Payed for my first firearm in 1971 at 16 years of age. 12ga for hunting.

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    Been carrying for 49 years and have not shot anybody,just a coupla close calls.

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    I started shooting not long after I began to walk. Had my CCW since I turned 21, that's been 22 years now. I doubt I've ever had less than 2 guns since I was 8 years old.

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    In The Middle
    When I started carrying I remember reading the newspaper story about this new invention called the telephone.
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    I carried a lot when I was working on the West Coast Waterfront, ( starting around 1978), but getting a permit to do so in California is all but impossible. So sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission. I never had to use it, but then If I had, I would rather be in jail than the cemetery. Lawmakers think that they will stop crime by passing laws, but what happens is that good people who have a legitimate concern for their safety end up breaking those laws out of self defense, and they now are criminals. So instead of the lawmakers stopping crime, they are creating more criminals.
    About a year ago when I moved to Nevada I started thinking about getting a CCW permit. the laws are different here, so that is what I did.

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    New Mexico & Michigan
    Got my first gun a .22 at age 10 so 49 years and counting. Been carrying concealed for 35 years.
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    Feb 2013
    CC for 5.5 years.

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    Bought a .22 rifle in 1971. Began carrying my first handgun in 1975 when it was acquired.
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    Bought my first of 3 hand guns on July 31st of 2012. Got my CHL in October. Couldn't be having more fun!

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