Help me spend some money

Help me spend some money

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Thread: Help me spend some money

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    Help me spend some money

    Ok it's time for me to add a new gun to my lineup or at least I think so, but i'm not sure what I want or think I need.

    I have a couple of hand guns that cover .22lr, 9mm, and .45acp so I feel pretty covered there. I also have a duck gun in 12 gauge and my son has a 20 gauge. An AR would be nice but they are so crazy priced it's not funny so an AR is out. I thought about a .308 but have no idea where I would use it or what I would use it for. Then I thought about price on a good set up ( 1,500+ ) on gun and scope. I don't want to spend that kind of money for something I may never use and just sits in the safe. So I ended up back at square one thinking what I want and here's two that I came up with on a whim.

    A PD shotgun, maybe a Benellie or Weatherby 459 TR. I know, I know what about the 870 or the 500, they just don't do it for me, SORRY.

    A lever gun, don't have one of those and I do like the looks of them. I would want one in a center fire caliber though.

    I would like for it to be a new gun, just walk in and buy it, no looking around trying to get a good deal on a used one. The other thing is I would like to keep it to 500.00 or less. Thanks for any ideas or thoughts.

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    May I recommend you give it to charity instead? I am trying to raise money so my wife can get a self defense revolver, which is a very good charity as she is an awesome women!
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    I like the idea of a lever gun or shotgun because these are not really in high demand right now and good deals can be found. Also, ammo is pretty widely still available for both (oh wait, you want a pistol caliber in a lever gun?). I have bought a marlin 30-30 and 12 ga in the last couple of weeks for these reasons.
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    So many options out there :D Good luck!
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    i know you said you had a 22 but a BL22 is one of the finest shooters. if you can find one.

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    You might look at the Henry Big Boy, or the Marlin 1894 Cowboy. Both are excellent lever rifles, and fairly easy to find.
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