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How many guns do you need? How many do you want? How many do you have?

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Thread: How many guns do you need? How many do you want? How many do you have?

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    I want more than I need and and need more than I have.
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    I have all that I need, less than I want, all I can currently afford, and more than I deserve. I've been blessed.
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    Guns.....I have no Guns.....all my posts about guns are just random pictures I pulled off the internet.
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    I have enough to see that the job gets done properly. Will I buy another one or a few more..


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    For people who don't understand that guns are tools it's hard for them to understand the want and need concept. Who knows what the future holds. What I want today I may need tomorrow. Fortunately my wife understands this. Unfortunately my checking account does not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJClark View Post
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    I agree that everyone should have at least:

    12 gauge
    .22 rifle
    big game rifle 30.06, 7mm.. ect.
    daily carry pistol & home defense pistol (these can be the same gun)

    I personally see a battle rifle as optional if you have the above

    With that said I have many that I need, not nearly as many as I want and despite my wives best efforts she has yet to be successful to keeping me to her two gun purchases per year limit!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JaySkiBum View Post
    How many do you need? Well, I would say 2 handguns (one for easy carry, one for everything else) a rifle for large game (308 or 30-06, etc.) a rifle for small game (.223, 22-250, etc) maybe a rifle for self defense (AR) a plinker for practice (.22lr) and a shotgun. (12g) So that adds up to 7 guns to cover just about everything that you might NEED overall. I turned my guns into the local police department after Obama said guns are the problem though, so right now I don't need any of them.
    Seven!? That's a good start, but you aim too low . You need at least four self defense handguns; subcompact, compact, daily carry, and one for home defense. Then you need at least two .22 handguns, a revolver and a semi. Speaking of revolvers, everyone needs to have a .38/.357 revolver tucked away somewhere. Moving on to the bigger guns; a shotgun is a must, and two shotguns is almost a must, one for defense and one for clays, turkeys, ducks, whatever your preference. Rifles, well, you're going to need a few rifles; one for home defense, maybe an AR, AK, Mini, your choice really. Then you're going to need one for big game, and one for varmint, and at least two .22's, one bolt and one semi. Where does that put us? I think were up to around 14 or something. Well anyways, that didn't work, because we all know 14 guns is far to few.
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    i have about 4-5 handguns in may carry rotation alone, so I NEED at least that many for CCW. And that's just handguns.

    Of course, I needed to get a Colt Python because they aren't getting any cheaper, and I needed to get a 1911 last year because it was the 100-year anniversary of the gun. I also needed to get a couple Makarovs because I admire the design, and then I needed to get a CZ82 to keep the Makarovs company. Then, there were all of my revolvers that I needed to buy because I saw them for sale at good prices.

    I couldn't even speculate on how many long guns I "need".

    Need is a crazy thing.

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    I mean beside a list, don't you want to know my work routine too? Somebody would be nuts to do that on the net... Good Luck & Play Safe!

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    10-22 Ruger Long Gun ==Plinking & Varmints

    30 06 Remington Bolt Action ==Deer

    12 Gauge Pump==Whatever

    Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Full Size 17+1 3mags==Home Defense/Truck Gun

    Waiting for 2 M&P Shields for the wife and I to carry for personal protection.

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    I have 13. I want them all. I need three I guess.

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    I can neither confirm or deny that I currently own ANY firearms.

    I can, however, say that in 1975 I joined what seemed to be the handgun of the month club.
    I traded in every month or so, unless I got to the store and saw something I just HAD to have and didn't want to wait to go home to get the last month's toy.
    I did slow down after a year or so, mainly due to lack of money.
    After about 25 years, I had roughly 3 .22s, 1 .25, 1 .32, 2 .380s, 2 .38s, 2 .357s, 1 .44mag, 3 .45s, 3 shotguns, and a few rifles.
    I then had a devastating robbery, where every single firearm vanished and has never been seen again.
    I still have some wants, but haven't dared feed the addiction for the last 10 years or so.

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    Need: At least one more
    Want: At least one more
    Have: At least one too few
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    I don't own any guns. I just like reading about them.

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