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How often do you shoot for practice and training?

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Thread: How often do you shoot for practice and training?

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    How often do you shoot for practice and training?

    Weekly - since 1980, rain or shine.
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    Not often enough I'm afraid.
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    1 to 2 times a week for me when the weathers good.

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    Only about once a month. 100-200 rounds or so.

    It's all I can afford most of the time, both in time and money. I figure any is better than none.

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    I shoot at least twice a week, sometimes more. I practice with my carry gun twice a month.

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    The last couple of years, my Christmas present from my wife was a season pass to the local county-run gun range. Bless her heart. While that gave me unlimited visits, I did not have unlimited ammo. Eventually, I had a difficult time keeping stocked up on "range fodder". I was dipping into my "good stuff" way too often, rapidly depleting my overall cache. Eventually, due to ammo shortage, I wasn't going often enough to justify the cost of the yearly pass. No pass this year.

    Ideally now, I will try for twice per month. The daily range fee is $9 with a $4 transfer fee between rifle and pistol ranges. I've been patiently restoring my cache, replenishing the "good stuff", and stocking up on "range fodder". I budget to purchase a box or two of whatever is available each pay day. I know exactly what I need. If it is not available, then business hours are over. See you in a couple of weeks.

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    Will be once per week until daylight savings time then we can go after work. I shoot outdoors and the range/club is open around daylight hours.
    Will be interesting with ammo this season!
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    Wife and I try to go once a week. The shooting range has a bowling pin shoot on Wednesdays. Reminds me of midnight madness bowling.

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    Through my military days of free ammo and unlimited range access, I qualified as an expert in both rifle and pistol. In today's age, I would be lucky to make marksman. With the rising cost of ammunition and range fee's, I cannot shoot as much as I used to or want to. I try to keep sharp atleast once per month but those days are diminishing as well. Now, I shoot whenever I can afford it. It sucks to get old.
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    In the summer, I practice every day. But during the colder months, I just do a little plinking.

    Right now, I am gearing up for regional LE competition. But when I practice, I practice with purpose and not just to blow rounds down range.
    I have found that a few rounds fired with a specific goal in mind is worth more than hundreds fired helter-skelter.

    For instance, working on presentation doesn't take any wasting of ammo, but cuts down on time which gives you more time for trigger discipline.
    Working on different firing positions from the presentation is also effective in combat shooting.

    When you work on these things, you can drastically cut down on the amount of rounds fired each practice session and still greatly improve.
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    I usually shoot at least once a week, sometimes more often. I don't always shoot handguns though as I enjoy playing with rifles too, though the handguns frequently come out for a bit since I'm at the range or our old place anyway. When I shoot handguns I may not have training specifically in mind.
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    I'm out 2 to 3 times per month on average and go through 100 to 150 rounds each time.

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    I have a membership to an indoor range so weather doesn't slow me down. Normally I shoot every week but I'll admit that the ammo shortage has me cutting back a bit. When the panic began I just shot my 9mm & .45 less and did more .22 shooting. Now I can't even get that! So I've been down to just every other week. I can still get .45 ACP but it's expensive. I've got a ton of reloading gear but it's not set up in my current home yet. But I am keeping my brass for when I do get set up.

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    I recently got a Ruger LCR .22 and I have been using it a lot as a drill gun, and then finishing off the session with a few rounds from my primary carries, i.e. G26, CM9. But to answer the original question, no, I am not shooting my 9mm's or .223's nearly as much, basically just enough each month to keep the cobwebs from forming.
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    Re: How often do you shoot for practice and training?

    I can shoot on my land so I shoot about 5 days a week. Lately, it's just been with .22s because of ammo reasons/conserving but drag the Glocks (.40,45,357sig) and revolvers out once a week. Once my orders are filled, ill be able to go back to being able to practice for long periods with my normal carries.
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