The Rifle Book, by Jack O'Connor

The Rifle Book, by Jack O'Connor

This is a discussion on The Rifle Book, by Jack O'Connor within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A friend of mine lent me his 1964 edition of Jack O'Connor's 'The Rifle Book'. I'm not very far into it, but I found this ...

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Thread: The Rifle Book, by Jack O'Connor

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    The Rifle Book, by Jack O'Connor

    A friend of mine lent me his 1964 edition of Jack O'Connor's 'The Rifle Book'.

    I'm not very far into it, but I found this gem in Chapter 3:

    It is probable that the American M-1 has made every other military rifle in the world obsolete and that the next great war will be fought entirely with semiautomatic infantry rifles. But it is equally probable that for many kinds of sporting use, particularly when precision shooting and telescope sights are in order, the semiautomatic will never be popular.
    I found this statement quite humorous given the popularity of the Stoner rifles today.

    I also found it a little short sighted, as it was/is inevitable that advances in technology will eventually produce better and better designs in all things.

    If I end up with a Model 70, in .270, you'll know why

    This book was originally written in 1949, I believe.

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    You'll have to remember that in his day, and at that time, semis were not known for accuracy, not near what a good bolt action could acquire. Even today, if it came down to putting one and only one bullet on target, most would prefer a well-built bolt action over an AR.

    And as popular as Jack and his theories were, several have been disproven or made obsolete. It's called progress.
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    The philosophies of O'Connor were for the most part, true then, and some hold water today.
    The same may be said of Jeff Cooper......... sad; that relevancy leans toward the new& innovative. Although I still believe the .270 rifle, I have, will shoot as tight groups as anything made today.[O'Connor] & My choice of battle rifle is .308 (Scar17) as opposed to the popular .223 poodle popper.[Cooper]
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    I have my copy of that famous O'Connor work and still enjoy reading it. I admire the rifles and big game hunting of that era and O'Connor wrote with a very admirable style.
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