Yesterday--Saturday--I went to a large gun show in the Denver area. For several years, it has been the biggest gun show in Colorado; they hold shows every 6-8 weeks. Over the past several years, I have attended these on a regular basis--but not so much since the Summer 2012 Aurora murders at movie theater in Aurora. And, I especially wanted to give the show a little more time for things to settle down following the elementary school murders in Connecticut.

Anyway, I showed up early and expected to drive to one of my favored spots for parking. However, they now have that nearby area roped off so it can be used for Valet Parking (another revenue opportunity). So, I had to park further away than usual. Then, I got into line in the fastest moving line (the exact change line) so I had less of a wait.

Once I got in, I started looking for the ammo and magazines that I had been seeking. I was astonished to see that the 2 biggest ammo vendors had separate lines of their own. Several other ammo vendors had "Take A Number" signs up at their areas.

I got my ammo but was unable to get the Glock magazines (30 & 36) that I wanted because every vendor said that they were out of all Glock magazines. (Actually, I found a vendor that did have some Glock mags but they were for .40 only.)

So, it's less than an hour later and as I'm walking out, I overhear the ammo vendors apologizing that they are already out of the particular ammo that the customer is seeking.