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Why can't I just make one?

This is a discussion on Why can't I just make one? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; If you have the metal fabricating equipment and the necessary skills, there is no real reason not to try. Just be aware that the investment ...

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Thread: Why can't I just make one?

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    If you have the metal fabricating equipment and the necessary skills, there is no real reason not to try. Just be aware that the investment of time and money may preclude the feasibility of your attempt.

    Good luck, and more power to you.
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    I have seen some skilled people with time on their hands join two mags to make a higher capacity one , it worked.
    Some people give them a few tools and time amazing what they can do

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    Nothing's stopping you. Just notify everyone at the range when you go to test your workshop wizardry.

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    Before they became available, I shortened a few mags for my Marlin 25MN from 7 rounds to 4. This is a hunting gun that the 7 round mags when being carried on a sling would jab you in the back and side. The 4 rounders just hang below the stock. I ruined two before I got two that would work and feed correctly. Now marlin makes them and I'm happy to buy directly from them! Personally the only reason Id try making a new mag is for a gun that I couldn't find mags for. I would think that the process to make a mag would be the same as the process to make an AK reciver. Make a forming jig and press it out on a hydrolic press. The hardest part would be perfecting the jig. Check out some videos on you tube on the AK reciver jigs. Good luck DR

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    If you think you can do it and want to, go for it. Whats the worst that can happen, they dont work well. I would not use them for carry unless they are dead reliable, but having a few more mags for the range would be awesome. And if you are like me, making it would be 90% of the fun, whether it works or not. I just made a gun belt. cost me 40 bucks. I can buy a gun belt for 50 bucks. why did I do it? Because I can. And I get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that I built it myself. Dont listen to the naysayers. If you want to give it a shot, go for it. As matter of fact, if it works, I would be interested in some mags for my ruger SR40 C lol.
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    There is no reason why you can't make one. Making things out of your own hands can be satisfying. It might not look as nice and probably won't last as long. Plus it might take longer and end up costing more money in the end.

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    If you consider the tools they use to build backyard AKs in the third world, a mag should be a piece of cake.

    Or you could consider a 3D printer. People have actually made lower receivers with them, but they didn't work too well.

    Actually if you browse around the internet, you could probably find printable plans for them. After all, if you can find plans to build a complete SKS online, there should be mag plans, too.
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    The satisfaction of making something yourself is a good feeling. If you have the skills, do it. I make leather holsters (only for myself and friends) and they function as well as the very best but may be lacking in some details but the feeling of using something you made is priceless.

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    Thanks . . .

    This definitely wouldn't be for concealed carry - just to be able load it up and shoot it for fun. And yea, how much fun would it be to start making your own 30, 40 round clips and going to your favorite shooting spot with it.

    Then again, if it cycles through 1000 rounds without any problems, including a good number of JHPs, the defensive carry might be worth it. That is of course, if I could conceal the stupid mag. at that point.

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