Comcast banning gun commercials?

Comcast banning gun commercials?

This is a discussion on Comcast banning gun commercials? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Is it true Comcast not allowing anymore gun advertising anymore? Just read that on Facebook & would like verification....

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Thread: Comcast banning gun commercials?

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    Comcast banning gun commercials?

    Is it true Comcast not allowing anymore gun advertising anymore? Just read that on Facebook & would like verification.
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    No shocker, the owner of Comcast is one of Obamas biggest donors. BTW, Time Warner cable is doing the same thing.
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    Yes, William's gunsight company was on the news this morning talking about this very thing.

    Comcast Pulls Gun Shop Ads From Cable Network « THE WAKING GIANT

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    Thanks for pointing this out. This is incredibly disturbing. Between the media bowing and spinning to the administration's agenda, and now a major media channel controlling the content of our viewing so that it also supports a political agenda, we are quickly approaching the level of China or North Korea state-run TV.

    I recall members here being skeptical with those of us concerned with the gun-grab that this administration was going to likely attempt, once re-elected. Their logic was "They haven't done it yet, so why would they do it now"?

    Would these same members now mock my concern that it's a matter of time before this level of control extends past the media channels, and into the internet? Is it really a stretch to wonder if may be getting a new staff of moderators from a federal agency within the next four years? Or it may be easier to shut down these sights all-together.

    Things are happening very quickly. They clearly are moving to enact changes between election cycles, therefore there's not much time for us to fight it.
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