Has anyone seen this?

Has anyone seen this?

This is a discussion on Has anyone seen this? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I was doing some online searching for gun companies, histories, general firearm knowledge, guns that are comparable, guns that are opposite, etc, etc. I happened ...

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Thread: Has anyone seen this?

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    Has anyone seen this?

    I was doing some online searching for gun companies, histories, general firearm knowledge, guns that are comparable, guns that are opposite, etc, etc. I happened to put "SIG-like guns" in the search bar and this link was on the top:

    Down With Big Gun

    I actually took the time to read this and realized about a quarter of the way through what they were talking about. EXACTLY like they did with tobacco, this person is trying to get people to bankrupt gun companies, and he/she uses SIG and Ron Cohen (SIG's president and CEO) numerous times. Probably why it was on the top.

    Has anyone seen THIS tactic used yet? It's not a "Let's legislate this to death," or "CONFISCATE, CONFISCATE, CONFISCATE!," argument.

    Honestly, I don't really see this working as we can all attest to. No matter how hard they try, people who are anti-gun WON'T buy them to begin with and the people who are anti anti-gun will continue to buy.

    ETA: The more I read through this, the more humorous I find it. It's an exercise in futility.... I should have probably posted this in humor.
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    The link does contain foul language, and it is just a left wing nut job, spouting off and showing his lack of reasoning skills and supplements it with choice and variations of 4-letter words.
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    More garbage.
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    Sounds like a Peirs Morgan wanna-be puffing out his chest and beating his fists on it.
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    The legislate or sue them out of buisness tactic was used to bankrupt the Ring of Fire CA gun makers Raven, Jennings, Jeminez, Lorcin, etc... it worked once..... DR

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    Yes. To answer the OPs question.

    What is funny, and sad at the same time is that CALPERS (the big unfunded Public Union retirement plan in CA) just pulled the only real investements that were making money - yes, from investing in gun related industries - over political correctness yesterday.

    Now the poor (and I mean poor) CA Taxpayer will have to cover even more of the loss on the fact that these good investments were pulled.

    It does open an opportunity for you and I to suck up those shares though - I did, as much as I could.
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