I'm a Springfield guy. Been using a XDm 4.5" 9mm as my EDC, and IDPA / USPSA for a while now. Bought a XDs in 45 as a BUG a couple of weeks ago. I had been wanting to move up in caliber and shoot major in USPSA, so I finally broke down and bought the XDm 5.25 45cal competition model the other day.

Finally got good weather and time today for a range trip. WOW Man what a handgun. Accurate, easy to shoot, and very addictive. Love the sights on it.

Got one week left to practice before the next USPSA match. Only real downside is the price /availibility of 45 ammo right now. Sh%t, I thought it was expensive shooting a 9mm reguarly. I may have to re-examine the cost of reloading